Build your family tree online

Build your family tree online with "Family Echo"


The Douglas E. Goldman Jewish Genealogy Center and Family Echo invite you to build your family tree online and then to register your family tree with the Jewish genealogy database of Beit Hatfutsot.  This is an innovative and user-friendly approach to Jewish genealogy that enables people to build an interactive family tree and then share their projects with family members anywhere in the world.




    Building a family tree online is easy and free of charge, and does not require genealogy software. There is no limit to the number of individuals that may be recorded on a family tree. In addition, you may add photos, events and links to personal blogs and websites. You may download a copy of your family tree to your computer anytime and you may "plant" your family tree with the genealogy database of Beit Hatfutsot.


    Entering your family tree to the database of the Douglas E. Goldman Jewish Genealogy Center will ensure that your records will be preserved for future generations.


    To build your Family Tree online follow the following instructions:


    1. Go to Family Echo.


    2. Start by entering your own details, then click 'OK'.

    3. Use the options that appear to add more individuals on your family tree.


    4. Make sure all names and dates are recorded in English characters.


    5. Save your family in progress by clicking 'Sign In' in the top right and creating a free Family Echo account.


    6. Once signed in you can continue growing your family and it will be saved automatically as you proceed.


    7. To prepare your family for submission to Beit Hatfutsot, click 'Download / export this family' button in the lower left corner. Choose 'GEDCOM' in the panel that appears on the left, then click 'Download' and save the file to your preferred location on disk.


    8. To submit this downloaded GEDCOM file to the Douglas E. Goldman Jewish Genealogy Center, please follow the instructions.