Export GEDCOM from "Hamishpachah Sheli"

'Hamishpachah Sheli' is also capable of making use of Hebrew information from other genealogical applications.
In order to register family trees in the database of the Douglas E. Goldman Jewish Genealogy Center at Beit Hatfutsot it is necessary to record names of people and places in Hebrew and Latin characters.

Here are the instructions for the export of your family record to the GEDCOM 5.51 format:

Before starting the “Language of Names Window” setting must be changed from Hebrew to English Open the Family File Select “Language of Names Window” from the Tools
Select “English", click the “OK” button and in the dialog box which appears
click again “OK
Select a family from the list of families.
A dialog box will appear in order to provide the submitter details for the family tree. Fill the check box  next to "Diminishment of spaces between words". "Click “OK”
Finally, a file browser dialog box will appear. The name for the file is “family” and it will be created in the directory where the exporting family record file is located, although both of these defaults can be changed.
For technical support of “Hamishpachah Sheli”, go to the website of Beligal Software.