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DNA samples
Genealogy and DNA

An Insider’s Look at the Genealogy DNA Field, by Max Blankfeld


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In April of 2000 Family Tree DNA started offering its first tests, pioneering this new field of Genetic Genealogy, and helping answer questions such...

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The DNA Shoah Project

A unique, innovative project is underway at the University of Arizona, aiming to reunite families torn apart by the Holocaust. The DNA Shoah Project is a non-profit, humanitarian effort, working to build a global genetic database of Holocaust survivors, their children and grandchildren in an attempt to match displaced relatives, provide Shoah orphans with information about their biological families and eventually, when the database has reached sufficient size, assist European governments with the identification of Holocaust-era remains that continue to...

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Roots and Routes

Beit Hatfutsot and Geographical Tours, Coordinated by Leah Netzer

Do you dream of questing your family's roots while touring various destinations? Would you like to visit the house in which your great grandfather lived in, in some faraway village? Do you sometimes try to imagine what community life looked like in an 18th century small town?

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Collaboration with Yad Vashem

New project recording Holocaust victims' names

The tireless efforts of the staff of the Douglas E. Goldman Jewish Genealogy Center to gather information on Jewish families has not only created an astounding database of almost three million individuals, but has also had the vital outcome of gathering valuable information on Holocaust victims. The new state-of-art computer system has enabled improved searches of the museum's databases, including the genealogy database. These latest developments have enabled much better access to the information concerning Holocaust victims and the ability to generate comprehensive lists with the names...

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Dr. Meir Padoa Collection

Vast collection of Italian Jewish family trees

The Douglas E. Goldman Jewish Genealogy Center has converted to digital format the late Dr. Meir Padoa's collection of family trees. This collection, comprising hundreds of family trees documenting the history of Italian Jewry during the last centuries, now forms an integral part of the database of the Genealogy Center and is available for searching by genealogists and historians.

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