Visual Documentation

Can your image database be accessed via the Internet?

The Photo Archive of the Bernard H. and Miriam Oster Visual Documentation Center holds, among others, images from the Core Exhibition and from the Changing Exhibitions display at Beit Hatfutsot since it opened in 1978. As the copyrights for part of these images belong to others, we are not allowed to post them on the website of the Museum. The database can be searched and viewed in the study area on the entrance floor.

Do you have a printed catalogue of the Photo Archive?

The Photo Archive of Beit Hatfutsot has a computerized database of some 60,000 images (to date). There is a constant “flow” of new material, and all images are retrievable via the computer system that replaces the need for a printed catalogue.

What kind of images do you have?

Documenting Jewish life in the Diaspora in its entire aspects is the main mission of the Visual Documentation Center. Images of our collections portray this Jewish life, including immigration to Israel throughout history.

Does your archive include documents too?

Being mainly a Photo Archive the Visual Documentation Center does not collect documents. However, its collections include photos of various documents relating to subjects of relevance to Jewish life.

Can we purchase images from your Photo Archive?

You can purchase images from our collections. Please fill in and submit the Visual Documentation Search Order Form. You may also send a request by fax to: 972-3-7457831.

How can we obtain permission to reproduce your images in a book/film?

If you wish to request permission to reproduce images from our collections, please send us the respective images by e-mail with their captions or any reference number you may have. Please state the purpose for which you need to reproduce the image(s). If Beth Hatefutsoth holds the copyrights, we shall let you know whether permission is granted. However, if others hold the copyrights, we will refer you to the respective copyright holders, including their address and contact details.

Can we purchase scanned images?

If you wish to order high resolution scans for reproduction purposes, please state the specific requirements you need: Size of final picture in cm. or as A3/A4/A5. sizes. Technique of scanning: CMYK, Greyscale, RGB. The format of file - TIFF, JPG, RTF, etc. Type of computer - PC / MAC High-resolution scans will be delivered on CD-Rom, or by e-mail.