Educational Materials

SJPS has designed and created a series of educational curricula to assist educators who are involved in Jewish Peoplehood Studies.


Some of the English curricula available here include:



  • Israel: The Vision and Venture of the Jewish People. The Vision and the Venture of the Jewish People toolkit, which is neither a typical curriculum, nor a standard program but rather a boxed collection of materials, sources, and ideas for engaging students in the intriguing account of Jewish partnership and cooperation, promotes the narrative of Israel as the product of mammoth, complex international cooperation between Jewish communities everywhere. It also includes a 7-minute cutting-edge video that can be used as a trigger in a wide range of educational settings, available for free online. 



  • Israel as the Vision and Venture of the Jewish People: The Manifest. The enduring understanding of the following narrative is that the State of Israel was envisioned and built by the Jewish People. Today, however, most young Jews, both in Israel and throughout the Jewish world, view Israel as the “State of the Israelis” and have difficulty grasping the notion of the “State of the Jewish People” altogether. Despite this reality, our belief is that Israel is still conceptually and essentially the State of the Jewish People and can regain that status in the hearts and mind of young Jews if it will return to be the vision and venture of the People. Our main purpose in offering a current reinterpretation of the narrative of the State of Israel as “the vision and venture of the Jewish people” is to frame the conversation about the future of Israel from a Peoplehood perspective.

    Being Cizitens: A Jewish and Democratic State. For the first time, the Israeli Civics Curriculum has a state of the art online resource for students and teachers highlighting Jewish peoplehood in civic life in Israel.
  • Peoplehood Now - Haaretz Daily Newspaper produced a special supplement on Jewish peoplehood in collaboration with the School for Jewish Peoplehood Studies. It is available in Sections 1, Section 2, and Section 3.
  • The peoplehood papers. These are periodically produced compilations of writings on Jewish peoplehood. Volumes 1, 2, and 3 are available for download here.
  • Jews of Struggle: The Jewish Nationalist Movement in the USSR, 1967-1989. "The Jews of Struggle" provides an overview of Jewish national activity in the USSR between 1967 and 1989 and of the international support it received from Israel and world Jewry.
  • Jewish Peoplehood: A Profile. An essay in the journal Jewish Educational Leadership profling the life work of SJPS director Dr. Shlomi Ravid, written by Dr. Elana Maryles Sztokman.





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