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"The Teheran Children" - 70th Anniversary

09 April 2013

Commemorating 70 Years of the Aliyah of the "Tehran Children”


In the framework of Holocaust Day events held jointly for over a decade with Tel Aviv University; the Kantor Center, an evening commemorating 70 years of the Aliyah of the "Tehran Children", was organized by Beit Hatfutsot.


The film, "Children of the Odyssey" was screened; depicting the journey of five children, mainly from Poland, during World War II. This journey, which took three and a half years, led them through forced labor camps in Siberia and ended with their Aliyah to Palestine-Eretz Yisrael. Each child narrated his own story, the difficult hardships he faced, and his pain.


Among the children was Rachel Gera, an artist, born in Tel Aviv. When she was a child, her mother brought her to Poland to introduce her to the family. When war broke out, they could not return home. Rachel and her mother were caught in occupied Poland and all contact with the father in Eretz Yisrael was severed, until her Aliyah with the "Tehran Children" in 1943.


After the screening of the film, a panel was held with a number of of the "Tehran Children," including Rachel Gera, Lydia Granot, General (Res) Haim Erez, and Alex Giladi. The panel was led by Ms. Naomi Yizhar, a researcher of the "illegal immigration" period.


Over 400 guests from all over Israel attended, among whom were family members of the "Tehran Children," who were very excited by the stories which focused on the "Children's" activities and their contribution to the State of Israel, in light of their experiences.



09 April 2013