Join us for the last days of the exhibition that brings to life the essence of the Hebrew Language
Family Event
The lesser-known part of the Affair: the private, ‘behind-the scenes’ story of Alfred Dreyfus and those close to him
Temporary Exhibition
Fifty years after the missile crisis which threatened world peace, the Jews remaining in Cuba maintain their traditions.
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Temporary Exhibition
Superstitions, myths, blessings, prayers, and folk remedies, in Jewish and universal art
Temporary Exhibition
Machal - Volunteers from Abroad in Israel's War of Independence
Temporary Exhibition


Jean and Pierre Dreysus, children of Alfred and Lucie, 1899. Courtesy of the Dreyfus family
A gallery talk at the "Dreyfus - the Story of a French-Jewish Family" exhibition. Wednesday, August 6, 5p.m.
Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait. An exhibition in collaboration with the Jewish Museum of London. Opening: October 7, 2014
Temporary Exhibition