Photos of Ambober, Wolleka, Abba Entonis and Shewada villages in Ethiopia, by Frederic Brenner
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Lobby Display
Bob Dylan, at his Byrdcliffe home, Nashville Skyline album cover, Woodstock, NY, 1969. Photo By ©Elliott Landy, LandyVision Inc.
An exhibition on the life and influence of Bob Dylan, one of the greatest american poets and musicians of our time
Temporary Exhibition
30 Years to "Operation Moses", the Aliya of Ethiopian Jewry
Temporary Exhibition
"A story thousands of years old, yet forever new" (Abba Kovner)


Shimon Azulay, Arie Brnea, Michael Goldman, Irena Steinfeld, International Holocaust Day Symposium (in Hebrew)
Музей и театр 27.01.17
Special Note: On Sunsday 29.1: the Museum will close at 2pm. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Screening of Cheryl Halpern's film, documenting the unique bond between Christians and Jews in Ethiopia
Warsaw in Yiddish culture - once a month on Friday morning (in Hebrew)