A replica of a ring from the Erfurt Treasure is now on display. The authentic ring will be revealed in the New Museum (2018)
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Temporary Exhibition
Two installations by artists Nira Pereg and Jono David: The Cave of the Patriarchs | Jews in Africa
Temporary Exhibition
Italian Beauty in Jewish Art - the elegance, refinement and harmony of Italian Jewish culture.
Temporary Exhibition
Machal - Volunteers from Abroad in Israel's War of Independence
Temporary Exhibition
"A story thousands of years old, yet forever new" (Abba Kovner)


Ladino romances and familliar Yiddish hits. Host: Rubik Rosenthal. May 2, 6.30pm

Back to Separated Tribes? - Issues in Jewish Peoplehood, with lecuturers from the Nevzlin Center for Jewish Peoplehood in I.D.C. Herzlia
A gallery talk with curator Micol Schreiber Benarroch at the Italian Jewish Renaissance exhibition. Friday, May 6, 10.30am
Enjoying Israeli fashion - and supporting Beit Hatfutsot! Friday, May 6
Vilna in Yiddish culture - once a month on Friday morning (in Hebrew)
Four new exhibitions mark the launching of the new wing - May 25
A new permanent exhibition - The Alfred H. Moses and Family Synagogue Hall (25.5)
30 Years to "Operation Moses", the Aliya of Ethiopian Jewry. Opening: 25.5
An exhibition on the life and influence of Bob Dylan, marking the opening of Beit Hatfutsot New Wing - 25.5
MAY 25! Heros - a permanent exhibition for children (5-12) and families