List of LDS Microfilms at Beit Hatfutsot

The complete list of the LDS microfilms in the collection of Beit Hatfutsot is arranged according to the names of the towns. Please click on any letter below to see all microfilms from towns whose names start with that letter. Check the list below, make a note of the microfilm number and then order a copy of the record using the LDS Records order form

Town Province Type Years Covered Microfilm
Filipow BI BMD 1829-1855 746504
Filipow BI BMD 1856-1865 746505
Firlej LU BMD 1826-1831 729183
Fordon BY BMD 1820-1851 814573
Fordon BY BMD 1823-1851 814574
Fordon BY BMD 1849-1888 814575
Frankfurt 1847-63 584092
Frankfurt 1864-70 584093
Frombork OL Cem 1184411

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