List of LDS Microfilms at Beit Hatfutsot

The complete list of the LDS microfilms in the collection of Beit Hatfutsot is arranged according to the names of the towns. Please click on any letter below to see all microfilms from towns whose names start with that letter. Check the list below, make a note of the microfilm number and then order a copy of the record using the LDS Records order form

Town Province Type Years Covered Microfilm
Ilza KI BMD 1850-1861 714995
Ilza KI BMD 1862-1865 714996
Ilza KI BMD 1871-1875 1192420
Izbica LU BMD 1859-1864 767830
Izbica LU BMD 1826-1846 807755
Izbica LU BMD 1847-1858 807756
Izbica Kujawska PO BMD 1810/1835 741831
Izbica Kujawska PO BMD 1836-1852 741832
Izbica Kujawska PO BMD 1853-1865 741833

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