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Sukkot Festival to set world record




Sukkot World Festival slated to break world record with largest Sukkot Installation ever

Beit Hatfutsot in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs, and the municipalities of Netanya and Ashdod will once again stage the highly successful Sukkot World Festival during the intermediary days of Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles).  Tens of sukkot (Hebrew plural for Sukkah - Tabernacle) representing Jewish communities from around the world will be presented in a maze-like arrangement, making it the largest structure of its kind in the world. 


The Sukkot will be designed in keeping with the countries they represent, creating a truly international feel to the festival. Visitors will be invited to take a peek into the story of diverse communities by viewing performances, images and artifacts and by taking part in experiential activities and craft workshops representing these communities. United States, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, Great Britain, Italy, France, Germany, Turkey, Russia, Ethiopia, Morocco, Tunisia and South Africa will all be represented at this year’s Sukkot World Festival.

The Beit Hatfutsot installation will be a particular highlight offering a variety of fun-filled activities for the whole family. Exact replicas of a number of exhibits from the A-B-See-Do interactive exhibition on display in the Beit Hatfutsot Family Gallery will be available and festival visitors will be able to preview and experience for themselves the wonders of the Hebrew language with these interactive installations. 

Another attraction will be the immensely popular Beit Hatfutsot “Family Matters”* workshop, inspired by the artist Hanoch Piven. “Family Matters" drew huge crowds to Beit Hatfutsot during the summer vacation and the Sukkot World Festival will give visitors another chance to participate in this crowd –sourced art installation. All pixels of the installation were printed by HP Indigo on HP Indigo 7600 Digital Press.

In addition, the Beit Hatfutsot space will also include guided demonstrations on how to build your family tree. CDs containing Family Tree building software will be distributed to visitors who will then be able to upload their family trees to the Beit Hatfutsot Integrated Digital Database.

The Festival will also offer an ‘avenue of tastes’ where visitors will be able to enjoy samples from diverse cuisines from around the world. More than 15 different food stands offering a range of assorted dishes will be made available to visitors at extremely reasonable prices.

Entertainment stages, children’s activities and creative workshops will be available throughout the festival. Well-known Israeli artists and popular singers will perform on the center stage.

Celebrate with us at the Sukkot World Festival
Winter Shlulit Park, Netanya 2-3 October;
Ben-Gurion Park, Ashdod 3-4 October
5p.m. - 10p.m.
Entrance Free of Charge!


* "Family Matters" is sponsored by


                   קרן נדב       חטיבת אינדיגו של H.Pאגודת ידידי בית התפוצות בישראל