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Cultural Programs for Adult Learners


Beit Hatfutsot launches colorful array of cultural programs for adult learners

Beit Hatfutsot is once again offering adult learners a colorful array of programs and cultural series, engaging participants with Jewish memory, lifestyle, values, and an understanding of Israel as the expression of national autonomy. These original courses developed by The International School of Jewish Peoplehood Studies (ISJPS) at Beit Hatfutsot are well known for their uncompromising excellence, and for their professional lecturers - leading authorities and researchers in their field. These series continue to attract a loyal audience that is growing by the year. Registration for 2012/2013 is quickly filling up, and is expected to surpass last year’s record of 500 participants!


Reaching New York, Beit Hatfutsot, the Sonnenfeld collection


Lifelong learning, the idea that views learning as a process beyond childhood and confined classrooms, is a vital component of the Beit Hatfutsot vision. Lifelong learning is recognized as is an invaluable component of a cultured life, and is known to enhance personal development  as well as active citizenship and communal cohesion. According to  Rivka Aderet, Chief Content Editor of these series, “Beit Hatfutsot has a profound appreciation for senior learners, and seeks to provide them with stimulating content that respects and draws upon the life experiences of the participants, turning them into an integral part of the content.”  


This year’s programs truly cover a diverse range of topics relating to Jewish culture, community, and history.  A special emphasis is placed on Yiddish as a living Jewish language connecting adult learners to their past as well as generating motivation for the future.


All the series are conducted in Hebrew.  Many of them constitute in-service programs and professional development workshops for teachers. These in-service programs are recognized for credit by the Ministry of Education.  Here is a glimpse of the series on offer at Beit Hatfutsot this year. Each series is made up of 14 meetings:


Photos from an old album: family life in Yiddish culture
The Jewish family dynamic often stands at the focal point of Yiddish literature, theater and film; weddings and other happy occasions, crises and misfortune, in- law relationships, The "Jewish mother", the generation gap, and the tension between tradition and modernity. This lecture series will explore these issues as they surface in novels, folk songs, theater plays and Yiddish films dating back to the first few decades of the last century.

The Bible's Influence on Global Culture
This series presents a variety of cultural aspects inspired by the Bible, including: ancient religious literature, its place in relation to the monotheistic religions; how the Bible is portrayed in art, sculpture theatre, film and photography throughout the generations; as well as the Bible's place in contemporary Hebrew culture and its influence on today's literature and poetry.


Jews in the Big City: The Urban Experience
An historical and cultural journey through major metropolitans from Warsaw to Vilna, Odessa, Berlin, New York, as well as from Soliniki to Istanbul, Cairo and Alexandria, demonstrating the Jewish impact on journalism, Yiddish films, culture, Jewish theatre, and more.


The Many Faces of Jewish and Israeli Identity in Documentary Film
A rich and fascinating array of films depicting the complexities and tensions within Israeli and Jewish society. This series is produced in cooperation with the Center for Professional Development in Education at Tel Aviv University, and the New Foundation for Cinema and TV.


The programs are held in Hebrew. Click here to register