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Yesterday's World - a glimpse into Pre-War Germany


Family Outing in the Tiergarten, Berlin, Germany 1920. Beit Hatfutsot collectionYesterday's World - a glimpse into Pre-War Germany

The public packed into the Zeevi Auditorium at Beit Hatfutsot on the evening of January 24, 2013, for a glimpse into the heritage of the German Jewish community. Rivka Aderet, editor and presenter of cinematography programs and teacher training courses at Beit Hatfutsot, showed amateur footage from the late 1920s until 1932 of the Czempin Family of Berlin. Participants were astounded to encounter three cousins from among the descendants of Fanny and Georg Czempin sitting in the audience.


The Czempin family loved to film their four daughters at their family summer residence on the shores of the Fahrland Lake, close to Potsdam, in suburban Berlin. This amateur footage, along with other rare films from the collection of Beit Hatfutsot, open a rare window into the daily life of upper-middle class Jewish families in pre-war Germany.  As Rivka introduced the chronicle of the Czempin family, their immigration to Israel, and the life stories of their four daughters Liesel (Elizabet), Herta, Marianne, and Marlein (Margot), the three cousins, Ruth Tauber, the daughter of Herta, Ilana Shulman, the daughter of Marlein, and Tivona Mayer-Sommer, the daughter of Liesel and the first girl to be born in Tivon, added little known details and brought the story of the Czempin family to life.