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Blue and White in Color


Blue and White in Color – ISJPS Hosts Max Levi Frieder
What is the Color of Our Future? Jewish Peoplehood in Action
The International School for Jewish Peoplehood Studies (ISJPS) partnered with community public artist, Max Levi Frieder, at Beit Hatfutsot –The Museum of the Jewish People to lead visitors on an adventurous and unique interactive summer activity. Close to 8000 participants, from all backgrounds and ages, painted side by side to create a one kilometer-long huge mural expressing their personal picture of the future of the Jewish people.  The museum's main exhibition gallery was transformed into a sprawling artist's studio covered in long pieces of canvas which, over the course of a month, were coated with 1000 liters of paint, (courtesy of “Tambour”, Israel’s largest paint manufacturer), using 750 brushes and 850 pastels. According to Max, this collaborative crowd-sourced and interactive mega art installation just might be, “the biggest mural ever painted in Israel, and according to the Google search I’ve done, probably the biggest one ever in the world,” says Frieder.

Chen Saar Cohen, ISJPS's director of museum public education, organized this summer's outstanding “Blue and White in Color” event featuring Max's coined concept, "Artolution" ((, where the public creates its own art for its own community. Participants were asked to express their future aspirations, dreams and hopes for themselves, their family, and for the future for the Jewish people.  Then, they painted a vision of their future, captured in both form and color on canvas.  “Blue and White in Color” was an interactive hands-on educational opportunity for individuals and families to tell their personal story that created a sense of Jewish peoplehood through a group effort. 

Saar Cohen is thrilled with the results and concluded that "ISJP's collaboration and fruitful educational venture with Max Frieder instilled Jewish peoplehood consciousness in a fun and meaningful way among our visitors, especially the younger generation." 

Among the many thousands of participants were also NBA Knicks basketball player Amar’e Stoudemire, Members of the Israeli Olympic delegation and many more visitors from all around the world.

This engaging activity will have an even broader Jewish peoplehood impact when the kilometer long instillation will be divided into segments and distributed among Jewish museums throughout the global Jewish community to connect thousands more to the ongoing story of the Jewish people.