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New Project: Family Trees of the Jews of Iraq


New Project
Collecting Family Trees of the Jews of Iraq


For the last twenty-five years Beit Hatfutsot – The Museum of the Jewish People has been recording family trees submitted by Jewish families from all corners of the world. The museum maintains a computerized database boasting millions of names, documented in many thousands of family trees. The database grows regularly, as new family trees are added to it continuously. Visitors from different places can trace their roots, record and preserve their ancestry and family story, thus adding another branch to the great tree of the Jewish people.


Would your great-grandchildren know that your grandfather was a respected rabbi who authored many Torah commentaries and that his brother was a successful jeweler who used to trade with India and China? Or that your grandmother was a school teacher at “Alliance” school network and an activist in the Zionist underground? Would they know that your family lived for generations in the Jewish Quarter in Baghdad, and that during early twentieth century some of your relatives immigrated to Israel, while others settled in London?


Now it is time to build your family tree. Now it’s your turn to start recording the story of your family at Beit Hatfutsot - The Museum of the Jewish People. Your family tree will be added to numerous other family trees, and together they will bring to life and perpetuate the magnificent history of the ancient Jewish community of Iraq. It is up to you to ensure that the history of this wonderful community, as well as your family story, will be preserved for posterity.


Searching for your roots and building your family tree resembles a detective work. This is your opportunity to conduct investigations, to look for facts, check documents and old newspapers, travel in time and space, actually or online. You may ask for the assistance of your relatives, young and old, those who live next to you or others who might be located on other continents.

You too can be part of the story. Send your family tree to Beit Hatfutsot, and ensure that your family’s story will be an integral part of the marvelous story of the Jewish people.

For sending your family tree and for any other questions and assistance please contact Beit Hatfutsot at



Mrs. Ariela Cotler, MSW

Chairperson of the Committee


The honorable Prof. Irwin Cotler, OC


Mr. Dan Tadmor

CEO, Beit Hafutsot


Mrs. Odette Azouri

Mr. Alfred Balbul, MDCM

Mrs. Ilana Fattal

Mr. Hillel Shohet

Mr. Roni Hougui

Adv. Moshe Nissim