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ISJPS Conferences


During the last few months the international School of Jewish Peoplehood Studies (ISJPS) at Beit Hatfutsot have a hosted a wide array of conferences   engaging audiences from around the world.


These included the Leaders Inc. The Jewish Peoplehood Leadership and Entrepreneurship Assembly that took place on Sunday, September 26th 2010, during the Sukkot holiday. The conference provided a platform for the gathering and sharing of ideas advancing the Jewish people through conversation and shared action.  The conference was attended by 180 young people including lay leaders and professionals from a variety of Jewish organizations, both traditional and new. In addition, the conference attracted many up-and-coming Jewish social entrepreneurs who are now playing a major role in the renewal of Jewish life and the development of organizations dealing with the strengthening of Jewish Peoplehood.


The day closed with a panel session deliberating the topic: “Who is leading? Who is being led? Jewish Leadership and Entrepreneurship Showcase - Ideas for new leadership." Joining the session via video-conference were participants from Stockholm, Sweden; Buenos Aires, Argentina; and New York, United States.


Leaders Inc. Beit Hatfutsot, September 2010


On November 4th, 2010, the anniversary of the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, a group of 200 young adults from America and Israel, ages 18 and 19, came to  Beit Hatfutsot to participate  in a program that deals with "The Culture of Conflict" in the modern world. 


The Israeli participants were members of the Northern division of the Israeli scouts and the scouts group "Garin Atid," made up of youth doing a year of national service before entering the army.  Students from the United States were attending the Young Judea year course, which provides participants with the opportunity to do voluntary work during their year’s stay in Israel.  

The conference included workshops dealing with conflict and a visit to the permanent exhibitions while studying texts that deal with conflicts among the Jewish people and Israeli society.


On Sunday, November 7, 2010, the ISJPS was proud to join the world wide celebration of the Global Day of Jewish Learning acknowledged the completion of Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz’s monumental translation and commentary of the entire Talmud.  In honor of this accomplishment, Jewish organizations around the world marked the occasion with events and Jewish learning.  Beit Hatfutsot offered a free one hour interactive web based seminar which allowed people from around the world to participate through their computers and mobile devices. 


The seminar's title was "Dreaming about Jewish Peoplehood: Understanding Jacob's Encounter with Place and Vision." Catriella Freedman, the Coordinator for Curriculum and Program Development at the ISJPS, facilitated a discussion of how Jacob's biblical dream was actually a metaphor for discovering one's origins and story as a means for moving forward.  Participants from Canada, the United States, and Israel discussed how sacred space is created today.  For instance, how can educators and teachers transform their schools into sacred spaces? Today, Beit Hatfutsot is undergoing this very same transformation.  As it embarks on a massive project of renewal, it is becoming the place where Jews from around the world will be able to connect to their stories and to their place in the greater story of the Jewish people.