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Iran Exhibition Opening


Opening of Light and Shadows: The Story of Iran and the Jews
Sponsored by the Y&S Nazarian Family Foundation

Over 1,000 people gathered at Beit Hatfutsot on December 31, 2010, to celebrate the opening of Light and Shadows: The Story of Iran and the Jews.  This extraordinary exhibition is sponsored by the Y&S Nazarian Family Foundation. Politicians, diplomats, Jewish leaders, members of the business community and hundreds of Jews of Iranian descent attended the world premier of this highly acclaimed exhibition that displays an exceptional 2,700 year chapter in the history of world Jewry. 


"We are delighted that so many people have come from around the world to join us in celebrating the opening of this signature exhibition which reinforces the key role Beit Hatfutsot plays in the Jewish world," said Avinoam Armoni, CEO of Beit Hatfutsot. He further emphasized his deep gratitude to the Y&S Nazarian Foundation, and stated that "this unique family was involved in every aspect of creating this exhibition and they have given pride to Beit Hatfutsot, to Israel, and to Iranian Jewry."


During the evening, guests visited the exhibition, displayed in two galleries and throughout the lobby. One gallery is thematically organized in its representation of the long history of Iranian Jewry and the other sheds light on the community in the modern period.  Several of the individuals involved in making this exhibit a reality delivered greetings: Mr. Avinoam Armoni welcomed the guests and was followed by Maj. Gen. (res.) Eitan Ben Eliahu, Chairman of the Exhibition Committee, Dr. Ruth Shamir-Popkin, Vice Chairperson of the Exhibition Committee, Dr. Sharon Nazarian-Baradaran, President of the Y&S Nazarian Family Foundation, and Mr. Hagai Segev, Chief Curator of Beit Hatfutsot.  


The success of this exhibition and event bears witness to the renaissance of Beit Hatfustot as a pluralist, vibrant, dynamic, and interactive, cultural and educational center positioned among the leading Jewish institutions of the 21st century. As Dr. Nazarian-Baradaran stated, "This exhibition coming to fruition is a dream come true for the Iranian Jewish community, and Beit Hatfutsot is the perfect home for us to tell our story."



Younes Nazarian, Leonid and Alicia Nevzlin 


Younes and Soraya Nazarian, Sharon Nazarian-Baradaran, Avinoam Armoni  


Younes Nazarian and Dan Meridor 



Rita (nee Rita Yahan-Farouz)