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Hebrew comes to life for North American children


Kids from the Hillel Academy, Ottawa, CanadaBH brings Hebrew to life for North American school children


Hebrew came alive for a group of Canadian children, thanks to an innovative educational program of The International School for Jewish Peoplehood Studies (ISJPS) at Beit Hatfutsot entitled Tsohar: Hebrew as a Gateway to Peoplehood. The Tsohar program was distributed to schools around North America and has received exceptionally positive feedback. Sheli Braun, a teacher in the Hillel Academy of Ottawa in Canada, used the program to help students in a basic Hebrew class connect with the language.  She used the program as a basis for their final exam, and was told by the students that this was the first time they felt that they were truly able to relate to Hebrew in a meaningful way.

The ISJPS designed cards with related words in Hebrew, an explanation of their meaning and the Jewish value embedded in the meaning.  For example, the word shekhina refers to the Divine spirit, and is related to the words mishkan (Tabernacle),  shakhen (neighbor), and shekhuna (neighborhood). “These common roots can be tied to a basic Jewish value, that the way to create a holy community is to treat our neighbors with the same respect and honor that we would direct towards the Divine spirit,” explains Catriella Freedman of the ISJPS. The cards are accompanied by student activities which are also connected to  Beit Hatfutsot's innovative A-B-See-Do  exhibition on the Hebrew language.


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