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Beit Hatfutsot Engages Families


Beit Hatfutsot continues to engage families with two new initiatives

Beit Hatfutsot is reaching out to young local audiences by providing programming activities that explore Israeli Jewish culture designed for the whole family. This initiative revolves around two programs: “Tuesdays for Families” (“Shlishi Mishpachti”), and “Holidays for Families”. The programs connect contemporary Israeli children’s culture to Jewish identity and collective Jewish experiences.  During the Passover holiday Beit Hatfutsot will offer a Do-It-Yourself Haggadah Workshop where children and their families are invited to create their own Haggadah inspired by the song Had Gadya. (suitable for ages 5-12), “Boaz and the Guitar”  will perform Passover and spring songs and special family activities will take place in the Permanent Exhibition.

The “Tuesdays for Families” program is a series of weekly activities and events geared toward Israeli families. The program, based on the content of the Family Gallery’s A-B-See-Do exhibition, is engaging and creative, and actively celebrates Jewish peoplehood.

The activities in this program include:
• Meeting authors. Monthly series in which young readers encounter children’s authors for discussions of writing, stories.
• Writing workshop for children.  Monthly series with authors teaching children how to develop stories and use language as a tool of identity development.
• Word laboratory. Word games, creation of new words, and explorations of the ways in which language connects to emotions and identity.
• Theater play. Using historical scenarios related to Jewish history and revival to enable children to engage with Jewish identity and history.
• In the footsteps of the sages. Discussions and activities using midrashic texts and exploring the issues that arise from them.

During the month of March, events included an encounter with children’s illustrator Yaniv Shimoni, an interactive theater with Rachel Slater, an exploration of aggada (legends) with Shoham Smit, and a session with children’s author Galia Oz. 

The Passover program will take place during Chol Hamoed, April 8-11, from 10AM-7PM and on April 12 from 9AM-1PM. For more information, contact