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Celebrating the “Multi-Generational Connection”


“Multi-Generational Connection” celebrates an outstanding year of activity

Over 2,000 intergenerational pairs of participants in the flagship Multi-Generational Connection program celebrated an exciting year of exploring Jewish identity and building relationships at Beit Hatfutsot. Participants in the program, which works with 180 schools across the country to bring together youth and senior citizens around a project of digitally recording the senior citizen’s life story, attended their “graduation” from the program at Beit Hatfutsot on Jerusalem Day in May.

Four senior citizens were given Awards of Excellence for their tremendous efforts in sharing valuable biographies with their adolescent partners:  Ofra Ben Moshe and Yocheved Berger from the Geva School in Givat Ada, Herzl Avni of the Beit Or school in Moshav Kidron, and Yehuda Ressler of the Naomi Shemer school in Tel Aviv-Yaffo. Certificates of Appreciation were awarded to Ramat Gan Mayor Zvi Bar and Rishon L’Zion Deputy Mayor Motti Adjmi for their support of the project.  Deputy Minister of the Senior Citizens’ Ministry Dr. Leah Ness, Ministry Director Aharon Azoulai, Director of the Heritage Department of The Ministry of Education Moshe Zafrani, and Director of the Department of Computer Applications Roni Dayan were also in attendance. The evening concluded with a special Jerusalem Day performance with. Dr. Moti Zeira, and songs by Naomi Shemer performed by Meital Trabelsi. 

Multi- Generational Connection brings together youth and senior citizens around Jewish identity, history, and technology by pairing up a student with a senior citizen such that the student teaches the adult technology while the adult teaches the student about his or her life story. Following weekly meetings within school and community settings, and visits to Beit Hatfutsot, the senior-student pairs use technology to preserve the senior citizen’s life story. They may create an online PowerPoint presentation, a mini-site, a blog, or upload pictures through Picasa. The participants also work on genealogical research at Beit Hatfutsot.  The program provides youth with a direct, personal encounter with Jewish history while giving senior citizens the visibility, respect and connectivity that they need and deserve. The semester-long program takes place in schools and communities around Israel and reaches thousands of participants each year, addressing Jewish identity, ageism in Israel, and Jewish peoplehood. Since students and senior citizens live in the same neighborhood, the program contributes to the need for community-building while empowering youth and the elderly.

Multi- Generational Connection aims to reach every household in Israel in order to provide a new and vital contribution to the development of Jewish connectivity around Israel.


This was the second year that the program has been co-sponsored by Beit Hatfutsot, the Senior Citizens’ Ministry and the Ministry of Education.