"Therefore Choose Life"

"Therefore Choose Life"

Jews and Medicine: Religion, Culture, Science

Opening: January 01, 1995

Exhibition Curator: Natalia Berger

One of the basic tenets of Judaism can be summed up in the saying: "He who saves one soul, saves a whole world". In the Torah and in the Halacha, the saving of life and the healing of the ill are considered the noblest of all the commandments. Medicine and physicians have always been central in the promulgation of this aspect of Judaism.

There were social and historical reasons for the disproportionately high number of Jewish doctors in almost all the Muslim and Christian countries from the Middle Ages on, and their contributions to the development of medicine were of unusual significance.

Jews and Medicine: Religion, Culture and Science looks at its subject from the time of the Bible, down through history until the modern era. Both the book and exhibition are a salute to a profession, hallowed in the annals of the Jewish people. We are grateful to Leon and Zelda Street who initiated the exhibition and through whose generosity it was possible to realize.