Beyond the Sambatyon

Beyond the Sambatyon

The Myth of the Ten Lost Tribes

Opening: January 01, 1991

Exhibition Curator: Dr. Shalva Weil; Sarah Harel-Hoshen

Exhibition Designer: David Gafni

The exhibition, Beyond the Sambatyon: The Myth of the Ten Lost Tribes, traces the myth of the lost tribes and its evolution, from the Assyrian exile from the Kingdom of Israel in the eighth century BCE  until today.

Throughout history, groups the world over have claimed to be descendants of the Lost Tribes, or have been ascribed as such by others. These claims, while impossible to corroborate, continue to fascinate scholars, researchers and travelers.

The exhibition is comprised of three sections: the first relates to the subject of the Ten Lost Tribes through historical sources, until the 19th century; the central section examines attempts to locate the Lost Tribes among Jewish and non-Jewish groups; the third deals briefly with the subject in our times.

Beit Hatfutsot would like to express its gratitude to the institutions and individuals whose assistance in tracing and gathering material helped realize the exhibition. We owe special thanks to the Very Rev. Prof. Thomas F. Torrance of Edinburgh, Scotland, and to the United Bene Menashe Community of northeast India and north Burma.

Many thanks are extended to the KORET Foundation, San Francisco, for their generous support which made the exhibition and publication of the catalogue possible.