The Closed Curtain

The Closed Curtain

The Moscow Yiddish State Theater

Opening: January 01, 1980

Exhibition Curator: Rachel Schnold

"I would have liked the Moscow Yiddish State Theater and its actors to be remembered not only in the light of the tragic events which beset them, but principally for their artistic merit", said Mrs. Ella Perlman, daughter of the actor Benjamin Zuskin, as she donated her father's collection of photographs to Beth Hatefutsoth. Mrs. Natalia Mikhoels-Vovsi, the daughter of Solomon Mikhoels, also lent the Museum photographs from her collection. Thanks to both of them this exhibition was made possible.

The exhibition depicts some of the diverse activities of the Theater, whose development occurred during the great cultural revival after the Russian Revolution. It traces the Theater's story from the beginning, and describes the artistic achievements and changes that took place over the years until the Theater's destruction in 1949.