A B See Do

Alien. Illustrator: Eitay Riechert

A B See Do

Adventures in Hebrewland

Opening: July 03, 2011

Exhibition Curator: Tamar Hadar, Efrat Adiv, Smadar Keren

Exhibition Designer: Elia Shapiro ; Illustrations: Eitay Riechert




Initiation and Concept Development: Tamar Hadar, Efrat Adiv – CMOTA
Curators: Tamar Hadar, Efrat Adiv, Smadar Keren
Project Manager: Smadar Keren
Design and planning: Eliya Shapiro
Language Consultant & Script Author: Ruvik Rosenthal
Illustrations: Eitay Riechert
Typography: Danny Meirav (Hatayas)
Planning, Production and Media: Breeze Creative Ltd. - Sagi Yehezkel, Ben Genislaw, Reut Shahar, Guy Sagiv


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The New Family Gallery, featuring the children’s exhibition “A-B-See Do”, is now open, in a 570 square meter space on the first floor of the Abraham and Edita Spiegel Family Building. The exhibition A B See Do brings to life the essence of the Hebrew Language and engages all audiences, especially families with young children. Using cutting edge contemporary museum media to create a multi-sensory experiential exhibition aimed at ages 3-10 along with their parents and other adult relatives and friends.



The exhibition transmits the idea that language is the foundation for learning and focuses on the rebirth of the Hebrew language and the distinctiveness of Hebrew. The exhibition also emphasizes a respect for history, places value on reinvention, pays tribute to the society where the language was developed, and highlights the vast strength that a language has in communicating heritage and tradition.



“This is a new direction for Beit Hatfutsot,” says Chief Curator Hagai Segev. “The goal is to make Beit Hatfutsot a bustling site of contemporary discourse about Jewish and Israeli identity and culture. Our guiding principle is to simultaneously represent the diversity, pluralism and openness of Jewish culture, along with the processes that have led to the current situation from previous generations.”


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