Past Exhibitions

Moshe Rosenthalis, Exodus
21 Mar 2013

This Great Sight [CLOSED]

Moshe Rosenthalis: History of the Jewish People

Women adorned with typical jewelry. Photo: Zion Ozeri, Uzbekistan, 1990s.  Courtesy of Zion Ozeri, New York
04 Jan 2013

Threads of Silk [CLOSED]

The Story of Bukharan Jewry

Jechezkiel Kirszenbaum, self portrait, c. 1925, oil on canvas, Frans Hals Museum
12 Jul 2013

J.D. Kirszenbaum 1900-1954

The Lost Generation [CLOSED]

The lathe for duplicating keys. Photo: Elad Sarig.
10 Feb 2012

Operation Finale

The Story of the Capture of Eichmann

Michal Na'aman, Eating the Known 2010
12 Jul 2012

The Absent Body [closed]

Body Imagery Between Judaism and Christianity in the Work of Eight Israeli Artists

Izidor "Dori" Kürschner and the MTK club, 1907.  Courtesy of the Hungarian Sports Archive
15 Jan 2012

The Game of Their Lives (CLOSED)

Jewish Athletes prior to 1948

Katya Gutkova in the classroom in Rustavi. Photographer: Tali Idan
20 Mar 2012

In Search of Human Grace (CLOSED)

A Photo journey to the Jewish Community of Georgia, Summer 2011

Gavriel Cohen
13 Sep 2011

Be Happy (CLOSED)

Naiveté in Israeli Art

Astrolabe made by a Jewish artist, astrologer and astronomer in Iran, the 17th century. Courtesy of Aliza and Shlomo Musayof
31 Dec 2010

Light and Shadows (CLOSED)

The Story of Iran and the Jews

Yosef Kuzkovski, "Let My People Go", Ramat-Gan 1969, Panda on paper. The Maria and Mikhail Zetlin Museum of Russian Art, Ramat-Gan
30 Oct 2007

Jews of Struggle [CLOSED]

The Jewish national movement in the USSR between 1967 and 1989 and its impact on Israel and world Jewry.

Artist: Rinat Hoffer
09 Jul 2010

Ayelet and Friends

Stories and Paintings by Rinat Hoffer

Jewish Mathematicians Exhibition
15 Nov 2011

Transcending Tradition (CLOSED)

Jewish Mathematicians in German-Speaking Academic Culture

Artist: Yossi Matityahu. A vessel for hands purification, shaped like a racing car steering wheel.
31 Dec 2009

Judaica Twist

(exhibition closed)

Albert Einstein, by Andy Warhol
20 Sep 2010

Jewish Icons

Andy Warhol and Israeli Artists

Bride. Photographer: Meirav Heiman
25 Feb 2010

With this Ring

Wedding Ceremonies in Contemporary Art

18 Feb 2010

Visas for Freedom - Spanish Diplomats and the Holocaust

Henake Schubak and Synnöve Isaksson-Schubak performing in Hjalmar Bergman’s play Patrasket (‘Rum Punch’) in 1948. Courtesy: Finnish Jewish Archives, The National Archives of Finland.
09 Sep 2009

A Prayer Tent in a Snowy Forest

The Story of the Jews of Finland

Ludwig Blum, Tel Aviv, 1956. Oil on Canvas
01 Oct 2009

The Real and the Ideal - Paintings by Ludwig Blum

Panoramic paintings of Jerusalem and other sites in Eretz Israel, by the artist Ludwig Blum (1891-1974).

Artist: Salamanca group. Eternal Shabes, Electric candlesticks, manufacturer: Samuel Rotman
09 Jul 2009

Drama of Identities

The exhibition examines issues of Jewish and Israeli identity through ironic, theatrical and poetic references.

The Holy Arch at the synagogue in Joniskis, Lithuania. Photo: Raimondas Paknys.
17 Dec 2009

Sounds of Silence - Traces of Jewish Life in Lithuania

Photographs by Raimondas Paknys

Artist: Ira Obolsky
01 Oct 2009

The Revival of Jewish Papercuts

A unique collection of works on themes related to Jewish festivals. A special exhibit of Jewish paper cut art. A unique collection of works on themes related to Jewish festivals.

Mass calisthenics at the opening ceremony of the 3rd Maccabiah, Ramat Gan, 1950. Beit Hatfutsot Photo Archive; courtesy of Maccabi World Union Archives.
10 Jun 2009

The Maccabiah: Posters and Photographs

The Maccabiah Jewish International Sport Games

Yael Bartana
27 Nov 2008

Never Looked Better

Contemporary Artists Respond to the Collection of the Late Herbert and Leni Sonnenfeld.

05 May 2009

Wergeland's Legacy

Jewish Life in Norway, 1851-1945

01 Jan 1993

In the Heart of the Atlas

Jews of Rural Morocco, photographs by Elias Harrus, 1940-1960.

25 Dec 2008

Synagogues of Turkey

Beit Hatfutsot presents a photography exhibition by the renowned Turkish photographer Izzet Keribar.

04 Dec 2007


Jews have a long and rich history in Poland, and this exhibition explores that history.

01 Jan 1991

Beyond the Sambatyon

Tracing the myth of the lost tribes and its evolution, from the Assyrian exile until today.

01 Jan 1995

"Therefore Choose Life"

An exploration of Jews and medicine from the perspectives of religion, culture and science.

20 Jun 2006

By the Black Sea

Telling the story of the Jewish agricultural colonies in southern Ukraine and the Crimean Peninsula.

01 Jan 1984

To Save a World

Celebrating the vital work of The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee 1914-1984.

31 Mar 2007

Dreaming in English

Portraits from the Jewish Community in Melbourne, 1989-2006, photographs by Angela Lynkushka.

07 Dec 2004

Faces/ Places/ Identity

Portraits of Jews, 1975–1995, 65 portraits of Jews around the world, collected from photography collections at Beit Hatfutsot .

31 May 2004

Tree of Life

A poignant collection of photographs by Andres Lacko depicting the changes in Jewish Hungarian life over the course of the late twentieth century.

18 Mar 1997

Blue and White in Color: The 100th Anniversary of the First Zionist Congress

13 Nov 2003

Franz Kafka, by Jan Parik

A 2003 exhibition marking the 120th anniversary of the birth of Franz Kafka, one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century.

01 Jan 2002

Sigmund Freud

The story of Austrian Jewish psychologist, Sigmund Freud, a man of decisive influence on modern culture.

24 Feb 2004

Synagogues in Germany

This exhibition presented virtual reconstructions of 14 major synagogues in pre-Nazi Germany.

21 Sep 2000

Homage to Odessa

Three exhibitions on Odessa, the city that a century ago was a center of Jewish modernism, with the second largest Jewish community in imperial Russia

01 Jan 1986

Jews in the World of Sports

The history of Jewish sport and of Jews in world sports.

01 Jan 1989

Golden Days of Summer

Memories of beautiful summer days by the seaside, in the elegant spas of Europe, and in the countryside.

01 Jan 1980

The Closed Curtain

The activities of the Moscow Yiddish State Theater, during the great cultural revival.

18 Mar 1996

Jews in Arab Lands, Photographs 1992-1995

The Gaon of Vilna
19 Mar 1998

The Gaon of Vilna: The Man and His Legacy

19 Mar 1993

My Love Affair with Miami Beach / Richard Nagler, Photographs; Isaac Bashevis Singer, Commentary

19 Sep 1994

Rediscovered Treasures: Judaica Collections from the Museum of Ethnography and Crafts in Lvov, Ukrai

19 Dec 1992

In the Land of the Golden Fleece: The Jews of Georgia, History and Culture

19 Mar 1986

In the Footsteps of Columbus: Jews in America 1654 - 1880

22 Mar 1981

The Wonderful Island of Djerba/ Photographs by Jan Parik

22 Jun 1982

Jewish Sites in Lebanon, Summer 1982 / Photographs by Micha Bar-Am

22 Mar 1984

World of Yesterday: Jews in England, 1870-1920

24 Mar 1986

From Carthage to Jerusalem: The Jewish Community in Tunis

26 Mar 1987

Beta Israel: The Jews of Ethiopia