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Chants Hébreux de la Tradition (*SOLD OUT*)


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Sung by Rabbi David Bouzaglo

BTR 8401 (CD & MC)

This CD features several Bakashot traditionally sung by men in synagogue on every Friday night between Succoth (Feast of the Tabernacles) and Pessach (Passover). The poems both refer to and reflect the weekly portion of the Bible and are characterized by unique musical features. Rabbi David Bouzaglo of Casablanca - one of the most admired paytanim of Moroccan Jewry - usually refused to be recorded. He only agreed to be recorded once, in 1957, so that Prof. Haim Zafrani could record his rendition of several piyyutim from Shir Yedidot, together with two of his students.


1. Yedid Nefesh (“Ami de l’âme”) 
2. Yigdal Shem Hael (“Que le Nom de Dieu soit exalté”) 
3. Ani Agid / Yedid Hashakhachta (“Je dirai / Mon bien-aimé, as-tu oublié”) 
4. El Barukh Gedol Dea (“Al celui est béni et omniscient”)
5. Tsama Nafshi Leel Temim Deim (“Mon âme a soif de l’Éternel”) 
6. Tsama Nafshi Leelohim / Eyn Adir (“Mon âme a soif de Dieu /  Il n’y a point de puissant comme Dieu”) 
7. Yadekha Tancheni El Chay (“Ta main me conduira, Dieu vivant”) 
8. Dodi Yarad Legano (“Mon amant est descendu dans son jardin”)

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