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The Danzig Tradition [SOLD OUT]


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Naftali Hershtik, cantor Rinat National Choir; Stanley Sperber, cond. Raymond Goldstein, organ

BTR 8901 (CD & MC)

The Great Synagogue of Danzig (alias Gdansk) was inaugurated in 1887 and was characterized by a Liberal form of prayer. The liturgical music consisted primarily of compositions by Louis Lewandowski (1821-1894), an outstanding figure in 19th century Ashkenazi music. The CD offers a selection of prayers from the liturgy of the Sabbath, Jewish festivals and High Holy Days.



1. Lekha Dodi (“Come my beloved”)
2. Adonay Malakh (“The Lord reigneth”)
3. Veshamru (“And the Children of Israel shall keep the Sabbath”)
4. Vehagen Baadenu (“Be Thou a shield about us”)
5 .Yehi Ratson (“May it be Thy will”)
6. Enosh Kechatsir YAMAV (“As for man, his days are as grass”) 
7. Uvenucho Yomar (“And when it rested he said”)
8. Adon Olam (“Lord of the universe”)
9. Yaale (“May our supplication ascend at eventide”)
10. Unetane Tokef (“And we will make mention”)
11. Ki keshimkha (“For as Thy Name”)
12. Sermon
13. Al Tashlikhenu (“Do not cast us out’)
14. Yah Shimkha (“O Lord, Thy name”)
15. Ptach Lanu Shaar (“O open the gate for us”)


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