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Ahavat Hadassa *SOLD OUT*


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Songs of the Jewish-Yemenite Diwan, Manakha Tradition

Bnei Teman Group of Kiryat Ono BTR 9001 (CD & MC)



This CD includes a representative selection of songs from two (Nashid and Shira) of the three basic forms included in the Jewish Yemenite Diwan, a book of festive and religious poems to be sung at home on the Sabbath and on festive occasions (such as weddings). The poems sing of the people of Israel and their history, as well as their relation to God and yearning for Zion. Written throughout in Hebrew characters, these poems were composed in Hebrew, Arabic and Aramaic by poets of the Golden Age in Spain (Yehudah Halevi, Avraham ben Ezra) and by poets from the Yemenite community (Shalem Shabazi, Saadia, Zachariah Al-Dahiri).



1. Ahavat Hadassa (“The love of Hadassa”)
2. Ehye Asher Ehye (“I am that I am”)
3. Ayin Velev (“Eye and heart”)
4. Chus Elohay (“Have pity, O Lord”) 
5. Ayuma Behar Hamor (“The Holy Spirit on Mt. Moriah”) 
6. Im Ninalu Daltey Nedivim (“If the doors of the generous are closed”)
7. Sei Yona (“Soar, o dove”)
8. Kirya Yefefiya (“Beautiful city”)
9. Lefelach Harimon (“Like the fruit of the pomegranate”)
10. Ayumati Teorer Hayeshenim (“The Holy Presence awakens the slumberers”) 
11. Emet Ata Chatanenu (“Truly, you are our bridegroom”)
12. Ani Eshal Shevach Hael (“I shall ask for the praise of God”) 
13. Adon HakoL (“Lord of all”) 
14. Im Eshmera Shabat (“If I safeguard the Sabbath”)
15. Laner Velivsamim (“The candle and spices”)

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