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RAVEL: Melodies Hebraiques HEMSI: Coplas Sefardies [SOLD OUT]

Mira Zakai, alto; Menachem Wiesenberg, piano BTR 9002 (CD & MC) Price: 60 NIS P&P: 25 NIS Total: 85 NIS

Maurice Ravel had a special fascination for the folk music of various cultures. Between 1914-1917, Ravel composed Jewish songs by setting eastern European melodies, sung in their original languages (Aramaic, Hebrew and Yiddish) to original accompaniment.
Alberto Hemsi (1897-1975) devoted many years to collecting and transcribing songs of the Spanish Jewish communities in Izmir (Turkey) and Alexandria (Egypt). Of the 230 songs he compiled in his El Canciero Sefardi, Hemsi arranged some sixty for voice and piano, undoubtedly influenced by composers who had worked with folkloric materials (Bartok, Ravel, Granados and others).



1-3 Maurice Ravel (1875-1937): Mélodies Hébraïques
1. Kaddish
2. Fregt Di Velt (L’enigme éternelle)
3. Meirke Mayn Zun (“Meirke mon fils”)

Alberto Hemsi (1897-1975): Coplas sefardies
4-9 Opus 51 - Medio-Oriente (1928)
4. De la juma sale el moro (“El moro steps out of the Mosque”)
5. Arboles lloran por luvia (“The trees cry for rain”)
6. La cantiga de ley (Song of the Law)
7. Munchos mueren de su muerte (“Many die when it is time”)
8. Esta noche es alavada (“A night of splendor”
9. Quen supiense y entendiense (Who knows one?)

10-15 Opus 34 - Esmirna y Anatolia (1920)
10. Malaña tripa de madre (“Curse the mother’s belly”)
11. Bueno asi biva la coshuegra (“To mother-in-law health”) 
12. Tres hermanicas eran (“There once were three sisters”)
13. Morenica a mi me llaman (“They call me the dark one”)
14. Ay mancebo (“Oh, youth”)
15. El buen viar (“The good wheat”)

16-21 Opus 45 - Istanbul (1933)
16. De enfrente la vide venir (“I saw her coming”)
17. Mi padre era de Francia (“My father is a Frenchman”)
18. Quen es este Paxarico? (“Who is the bird that appearde?”)
19. Torondon
20. Mi alma triste (“My soul is sad”)
21. Onete bonete


Price: 60 NIS

P&P: 25 NIS

Total: 85 NIS


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