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Nigunim - Hassidic Melodies


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Meir Rimon, horn Lev Kogan, piano; Teddy Kling, double bass; Kenneth Krohn, percussion

BTR 9003 (CD & MC)

Nigun is a relatively late development in the eastern European and southeastern European Jewish tradition and stems from 18th century Hassidic music. Nigun was usually of local folk origin and was sung without words, or by adopting texts from the Bible or Prayer Book. Only at a later stage did Nigun become instrumental. This CD includes a selection of traditional Nigunim and a few compositions written in the Nigun style.



1. Shalom Aleykhemlk
2. Yah Ribon (“Lord of all”) LK
3. Yoel Engel: Theme from “The Dybbuk” LK

4. Lev Kogan: Waltz in Nigun Style
5. Havu Ez Latayish (“Bring the goat a she-goat”) LK
6. Shimon Cohen: Nigun LK

7. Lev Kogan: Kaddish for horn solo
8. Lev Kogan: Sabbath prayer
9. Rabbi Meir’s dance LK
10. Freylakh (“Joyous dance”)
11. Yellen-Pollak: A Yidishe Mame (“A Jewish mother”) LK
12. Medley of Nigunim LR
13. Mordechai Gebirtig: Dray Tekhter (“Three daughters”) LK

14-17 Lev Kogan: Chabad Hassdic suite
14. Song of Praise
15. Waltz
16. Time for Rest
17. Freylakh (Joyous dance)

Arrangements: Lev Kogan (LK), Laszlo Rooth (LR)



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