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Ahuv Libi


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Manakha Tradition

Songs of the Jewish-Yemenite Diwan Bnei Teman Group of Kiryat Ono BTR 9004 (CD Only)

This CD includes a selection of songs included in the Jewish Yemenite Diwan, a book of festive and religious poems to be sung at home. Most of the poems composed by Yehudah Halevi, Israel Najara, Yosef Ban Israel and Shalem Shabazi in the selection are wedding and Sabbath songs but the CD also includes songs in honour of other celebrations.


1. Ahuv Libi Semach (“My beloved rejoices”) 
   Ahalel Leeli (“I praise the Lord my shield and help”)
2. Eshal Elohay (“I ask my God to deliver captives”)
3. Yoshev Bekhise Hod (“Seated on the glorious throne”)
4. Chatani Ma Meod (“My groom, how precious thy gift”)
5. At Beyn Atsey Eden (“Thou art among the trees of Eden”)
6. Akave Chasdekha (“I hope for Thy compassion”)
7. Shabat Menucha Hi (“The Sabbath is rest”)
8. Yedaatani Beterem Titsreni (“Thou didst know me before Thou didst create me”)
9. Shamati Mipaatey Teyman (“I heard from the ends of Yemen”)
10. Ya Mechye Alnefos (“Lord, Reviver of the soul”) 

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