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Juego de Siempre


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Jewish-Spanish Traditional Songs Sung by Esti Kenan Ofri

BTR 9201 (CD & MC)

Arrangements:Betty Olivero (BO), Oded Zehavi (OZ)
Michael Meltzer, flute;
Adina Har-Oz, harp;
Ilan Schul, clarinet;
Chen Zimbalista, percussion;
Yaron Prenski, Andre Michaeli - violins;
Irit Livne, viola;
Emanuel Gruber, cello
Conductors: Israel Idelson, Oded Zehavi





1. Juego de siempre (“The never-ending game”)BO 
2. La mujer de Terach (“Terach’s wife”) 
3. Ir me kero madre (“I want to go to Jerusalem, mother”)BO

4. AChOT KETANA (“Little sister”)BO
5. Dia i noche (“Day and night”)OZ
6. Los biblicos (“The birds”)
7. Esta karta (“This letter”) 
8. Tres ermanikas (“Three sisters”)OZ 
9. Ay k’alelumbror (“O what splendor”)OZ
10. Galeas (“Galleon”)BO 
11. Pregoneros (“The town criers”) 
12. Lavava la blanka ninya (“The white damsel washes”)OZ
13. Nani nani (The betrayed woman)BO 
14. Mi kerido (“My dearest”)
15. Kondja mia (“O my rose”)BO
16. Es razon d’alavar (“We should give praise”) 
17. Ay ke buena (“O happy moment”)BO 
18. En este mundo (“In this world”) 
19. Maldicia tripa de madre (“Cursed be the belly”)OZ
20. En ciudad de Madrid (“In the city of Madrid”)
21. Juego de siempre (“The never-ending game”)BO 


The vibrant and prolific musical heritage of the Jews of Spain was shaped by eastern and western influences, and followed the expulsion of the Jews from Spain, through their migration along the Mediterranean from Morocco to Jerusalem. Powerfully rendered by singer Esti Kenan Ofri, the selection of songs offered on this CD evoke various situations and personalities in the life and history of Spanish Jewry.


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