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Yehezkel Braun - Choral Works


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Works by Norbert Glanzberg

Israel Kibbutz Choir; Avner Itai, cond. BTR 9602 (CD Only)

Yehezkel Braun was born in Breslau, Germany in 1922. In 1924 his family moved to Israel. This CD only includes a small selection of his numerous choral compositions and reveals Braun’s interest in traditional Jewish melodies. All the songs are set to Hebrew texts (some by the composer himself) and enhance the musical features of his compositions.


1-15 Fifteen Passover songs (1982) 
1. Kadesh Urechats (Sanctify and lave) / Saloniki
2. Ha Lachma Anya (This is the poor bread) / Mosul
3. Kol Dikhfin Yeytey Veyokhal (Let anyone who is hungry) / Babylonian
4. Ma Nishtana Halayla Haze (Why is this night different) / Syrian
5. Vehi Sheamda Lavoteynu Velanu (And This Promise Has Stood by Our Fathers) / Hassidic
6. Elu Eser Makot (These are the Ten Plagues) / Constantinople
7. Betset Yisrael Mimitsrayim (When Israel Went Forth from Egypt) / Tunisian
8. Eliyahu Hanavi (Elijah the Prophet) / Ashkenazic
9. Chasal Sidur Pesach (Ended the Act of Pesach Night) / Hassidic
10. Karev Yom (Bring Near the Day) / Ashkenazic
11. Vaamartem Zevach Pesach (And Ye Shall Say: Passover Sacrifice) / Sephardi-Jerusalem
12. Ki Lo Nae (Because For Him It Is Seemly) / Italian
13. Adir Hu (Mighty Is He) / Bucharest
14. Emunim Arkhu Shevach (O Faithful) / Djerba
15. Chad Gadya (One Kid) / Bucharest

16-19 Niggunim (Tunes)
16. Keayal Taarog (As the Hart Panteth) / Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav
17. Mizmor Ledavid (A Psalm of David) / Jerusalem
18. Ereley Mala (Selihot Song) / Agadir, Morocco
19. Avraham Avinu (A Song of Joy) / Babylonian

20-22 three psalms of praise (1979)
20. Ode Adonay Bekhol Levav (I Will Praise the Lord with My Whole Heart)
21. Ashrey Ish Yare Et Adonay (Blessed The Man That Feareth The Lord)
22. Halelu Avdey Adonay (Praise O Ye Servants Of The Lord)
23. Vayimalet Kayin (Cain Escaped) For Men’s Choir (1963)

24-27 Early morning mists (1989) 
24. Spring
25. Summer
26. Autumn
27. Winter



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