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The Musical Tradition of the Jewish Reform Congregation in Berlin


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Historical Recordings (1928-1930)

BTR 9702 (Double CD Only)

Gertrud Baumann, soprano;
Paula Lindberg, alto;
Joseph Schmidt, tenor;
Frederick Lechner, Hermann Schey - baritones;
Paul Mania, organ


This anthology of music was originally recorded in Berlin between 1928 and 1930 and can be considered one of the last musical achievements of a free German Jewish community. Sponsored by publisher Hans Lachmann-Mosse (1885-1944) and led by its Music Director, Dr. Hermann Schildberger (1898-1974), the Berlin Jewish Reform Community wanted to provide German Jewry with easily accessible music for the Jewish year. For the purposes of this recording project, the Congregation assembled a choir of more than a hundred voices and a group of Berlin’s finest soloists (Joseph Schmidt and Paula Lindberg, among others). The double CD was recorded using the master discs brought by Dr. Schildberger to Australia in 1939 when he escaped Nazi Germany.
Musical works by Lewandowski, Sulzer and Stern are sung in German. Also incorporated into the service are musical pieces by Schubert, Beethoven, Handel and other composers, which were deemed to be appropriate.



1. Heiligung (Sanctification) (Louis Lewandowski)
2. Schön ist’s (It is a good thing) (Louis Lewandowski)
3. Begrüsst (O welcome) (Robert Schumann freely adapted by Hermann Schildberger) 
4. Dies ist mein Bund (This is my covenant) (Ludwig van Beethoven)
5. Wie schön (How goodly) (Louis Lewandowski)
6. Als die Schöpfung (When the Creation) (Arranged by Moritz Henle)
7. Einst in ferner Zeiten Tagen (It shall come to pass) (Louis Lewandowski after Carl Friedrich Zelter)
8. Nun lasst (Now let us praise) (Louis Lewandowski)
9. Heiligung (Sanctification) (Solomon Sulzer)
10. Hoch erhaben (There is none like unto You) (Solomon Sulzer)
11. Preist den Herrn (Praised be the Lord) (Louis Lewandowski; Solomon Sulzer)
12. Dein, o Herr (To You, o Lord) (Louis Lewandowski)
13. O höret das Wort (And this is the Law) (Louis Lewandowski)
14. Führ’ us zurück (Lead us back) (Louis Lewandowski)
15. Der Welten Herr (He is the Lord of all) (Louis Lewandowski)
16. Ja fürwahr (Yes, indeed) (Louis Lewandowski)
17. Singet und jubelt (Sing and rejoice) (Arranged by Hermann Schildberger)
18. So preisen wir (O praise the Lord) (Louis Lewandowski)
19. Heilig bist Du (You are Holy) (Louis Lewandowski)
20. SchMA JISRAEL (Hear O Israel) (Arranged by Solomon Sulzer and Stern)
21. Vor Dir, o Gott (Before You, O God) (Louis Lewandowski; Georg Neumark) 

1. Aus der Tiefe (Out of the depths) (Arranged by Luis Lewandowski)
2. Gott ist’s (God is the light) (Louis Lewandowski)
3. Sieh, es schläft und schlummert nicht (Lo, He neither sleeps nor slumbers) (Louis Lewandowski)
4. Gib Frieden (Grant us peace) (L.Lewandowski, arrnaged by Hermann Schildberger)
5. ADONAJ ADONAJ (Adonay Adonay) (Arranged by Stern)
6. Gott ist mein Lied (God is my song) (Ludwig van Beethoven)
7. Du meine Zuflucht (You are my refuge) (Emil Breslaur)
8. WENISLACh (And it shall be forgiven) (Louis Lewandowski)
9. WAJOMER ADONAJ SsALAChTI (And the Lord said: I have pardoned) (Louis Lewandowski)
10. KI WAJOM HASE (For on this day) (Louis Lewandowsky)
11. Heilig heilig (Holy, Holy) (Franz Schubert)
12. Deinem Namen (Your name is God) (Louis Lewandowski)
13. Ich danke Dir, Herr (I thank You, O Lord) (Arranged by Louis Lewandowski)
14. Die Seele (The soul) (J. Stern)
15. SchMA JISRAEL (Hear O Israel) (Arranged by J. Stern; Louis Lewandowski)
16. Es wird nicht untergehen (Neither the sun nor the moon) (Louis Lewandowski)
17. Herr der Welt (Lord of the world) (George Friedrich Handel, arranged by Louis Lewandowski)
18. MAOS ZUR (arranged by Louis Lewandowski)
19. Jubelt dem Ewigen (Shout unto the Lord) (arranged by Louis Lewandowski)
20. AMEN 



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