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The St. Petersburg School


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Music for Cello and Piano

BTR 9801 (CD Only)

Uri Vardi, cello;
Uriel Tsachor, piano
Hagai Shaham, violin
Maya Blumenfeld, Amit Peled, Mickey Katz - cello


In 1908 the Society for Jewish Folk Music was founded in St. Petersburg. It soon began to publish sheet music (including Kisselgoff’s collection of some 80 Jewish folk songs) and also organized concerts of Jewish music. The activities of the Society in St. Petersburg ceased in 1919, but other branches continued their musical activities for several more years. This CD features works by outstanding figures in the Society - Joel Engel, Solomon Rosowsky, Joseph Achron, Alexander Veprik, Mikhail Gnessin, Alexander Krein and Leo Zeitlin - several of which are based on folk songs from Kisselgoff’s collection.



1. Leo Zeitlin (1884-1930): ELI TsIYON for cello and piano (1914)    
2. Joseph Achron (1886-1943): Canzonetta for cello and piano, op.52 No.2 (1922)    
3. Joseph Achron: Mystic fragment for cello and piano (1917)    
4. Joseph Achron: Lullaby for cello and piano, op.1 (1893)    
5. Joseph Achron: Scher for cello and piano, op.42 (1917)    
6. Solomon Rosowsky (1878-1962): Fantastic dance for piano trio, op.6 (1919)    
7. Joel Engel (1868-1927): Habad niggun for violin and piano, op.20 No.1 (arranged by Uri Vardi)  
8. Alexander Veprik (1899-1957): Kaddish, Poem for canto and piano, op.6 (1925)    
9. Mikhail Gnessin (1883-1957): Song of the wandering knight for cello and piano, op.34 (1921)    
10. Mikhail Gnessin: Theme and variations, op.67    
11. Modest Mussorgsky: Une larme, arranged for piano trio by Alexander Krein    
12. Alexander Krein (1883-1951): Lyric fragment for four celli, op.1 (1903)


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