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Eliyahoo Hanabee (*SOLD OUT*)


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The Musical Tradition of the Bene Israel of Bombay

BTR 0101 (CD only)

Pinhas Reuben Pezarkar - soloist, harmonium
Pinhas David Bhalkar, Benjamin Simon Dandekar, Levi Jacob - singers
This CD offers a selection of songs from the musical tradition of the Bene Israel and was recorded in Bombay (now Mumbai), India in 1996. The songs are performed by male singers and are mostly in Hebrew. A few of the songs are also in Aramaic and Marathi - the regional language of Maharashtra. The songs are by in large related to religious festivals and life cycle events and are accompanied by the harmonium - a small, portable keyboard instrument, with bellows operated by one hand. The main musical influences evident in the recorded pieces are those of the Jews of Cochin, Baghdad and Yemen, as well as those of the local Hindustani culture.


1.  Sheva Berakhot (“Seven Blessings”)
2.  Yonati Ziv Yifatekh (“My dove, your beauty shines forth”) 
3.  Yigdal (“Exalted be the Living God”) 
4.  Adon Olam (“Lord of the universe”)
5.  Yah Ribon (“O Creator”) 
6.  Yedid Nefesh (“Beloved of the soul”)
7.  Maazha Yosef (“My Joseph”)
8.  Tsur Mishelo Akhalnu (“Rock, from Whom we have eaten”)
9.  Yom Hashabat (“The Sabbath Day”) 
10.  Az Tapil (“Then you will cause your possession to fall in pleasant places”) 
11.  Ki Eshmera Shv (“If I safeguard the Sabbath”) 
12.  Eliyahoo Hanabee (“Elijah, the Prophet”) 
13. Eli Eliyahoo (“My Lord, Elijah”) 
14.  Agil Ve-Esmach (“I will exult and be glad”) 

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