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Singing Dew


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The Florence-Leghorn Jewish Musical Tradition

BTR 0201 (CD only)

Florence Synagogue Choir;
Rabbi Fernando Belgrado; Dr. Umberto Nitzani ;
Dr. Enzo Nitzani; Hana Rot
This CD features 21 songs of the Florence-Leghorn Jewish musical tradition recorded between 1980-2001 in Tel-Aviv and Florence and represents the rich musical repertoire which was sung on the Sabbath, the New Year, the three festivals of pilgrimage (Passover, Pentecost, Tabernacles), Simhat Torah (Rejoicing of the Law) and the Ninth of Ab, as well as songs to celebrate weddings and the birth of a son. Accompanied by organ, the singers are comprised of the Florence Synagogue Choir, late Chief Rabbi Fernando Belgrado, as well as various community members and their descendants.



1. Mizmor Ledavid Havu Ladonay Bene Elim (Psalm 29)
2. Lekha Dodi (“Come, my beloved”)
3. Lamnatseach Al Hagitit Leasaf Harninu Lelohim Uzenu (Psalm 81)
4. Achot Ketana (“The little sister”)
5. Shofet Kol Haarets (“Judge of all the earth”)
6. Et Shaarey Ratson Lehipateach (“At the time that the gates of favour”)
7. Shir Hamaalot Ledavid Samachti Beomrim Li (Psalm 122)
8. Seu Shearim Rasheykhem (“Lift up your heads, O ye gates”)
9. Yona (“My dove”)
10. Shokhant Basade (“Thou dwellst out in the heath”)
11. Amen ShEM NORA ("Amen awesome name")
12. Shaar ("The gate long shut")
13. Shalom LEkha Dodi (“Greetings shining, ruddy cousin”)
14. Hodu Ladonay Ki Tov (Psalm 107)
15. Shezufat Shemesh / LEShONI VONANTA (Prayer for dew)
16. Lemi Evke (“For what shall I weep”) למי אבכה
17. Eykha Yashva Vadad (“How doth the city sit solitary”)
18. Ura Na (“Raise up thy exalted right hand”)
19. Al Heykhali (“For my Temple”)
20. Sheva Berakhot (Seven blessings)
21. Yehi Shalom Bechelenu  (“We pray for peace between our walls”) 

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