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Theodor W. Adorno & Artur Schnabel


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Chamber Music trio recherche

(BTR 0702 CD only)

This CD is the result of an international cooperation of the Feher Jewish Music Center at Beit Hatfutsot and Deutschlandradio Kultur, the ensemble recherche, and institutions in Germany and USA. It features four chamber works, two by Theodore W. Adorno and two by Artur Schnabel.

Theodore W. Adorno, a German-born sociologist and philosopher best remembered today as one of the leaders of the Frankfurt school of critical theory, social research and philosophy, was also an accomplished musicologist and composer. Having studied composition in Vienna, he became connected with the Schoenberg Circle and helped promote its cause.


However, Adorno composed his early works in the years 1920-1922 while studying in Frankfurt, while his main body of work was created after his encounter and studies with Alban Berg, from 1925 to 1932.


The pianist Artur Schnabel was born in Lipnik, in the Austrian controlled part of Silesia (now in Poland). Two years after Artur was born, the family moved to Vienna where he started his musical studies and then his international career as one of the most acclaimed pianists of the first half of the 20th century. Artur Schnabel started composing music already in the 1890s. He became a close friend of Arnold Schoenberg and continued to produce mostly chamber music during his entire career years.

The CD is accompanied by a 60-page bilingual booklet, including the biographies of the two composers, a presentation of their respective works featured on this CD and an introduction to the work of ensemble recherche.



Theodor W. Adorno (1903 – 1969)
       1. String Trio Maessig langsam   6:26           
Artur Schnabel
(1882 – 1951)
       String Trio (1925)   20:41           
       2. Allegro energetico   4:13           
       3. Larghetto   11:15           
       4. Vivacissimo   5:07           
Artur Schnabel    
       Sonata for Cello Solo (1931)   23:20           
       5. Allegro con moto   4:35           
       6. Allegretto    2:40           
       7. Larghetto   7:28           
       8. Vivace ma non troppo   8:27           
Theodor W. Adorno    
       String Trio (1921/1922)   19:14           
       9. Langsam, schwermuetig   5:58           
       10. Sehr Leghaft   3:20      
       11. Variationen uber ein
deutsches Volksklied
       12. Sehr rasch   3:48           



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