New Capsule Exhibit

Celebrating Israel: 

Snapshots of the People Behind a Young State

A Unique Photo Display in Honor of Israel’s 70th Anniversary

This comprehensive exhibit showcases a selection of historical moments that embody the great endeavor that was the establishment of the State of Israel, as seen through the eyes of its people. Highlighted within are the experiences of Jews from around the world who escaped hatred and fear to live freely in a Jewish state.

Depicted are primarily new citizens who made Aliyah (immigrated to Israel; literally “ascended”) to the young country. Their struggles and triumphs evidence how these immigrants overcame the challenges of running a new state with few resources.

The panels and personal stories on display enable viewers to explore Israel’s major historical events and consider the lives of its early immigrants — what it took for them to reach the State of Israel and how they adjusted to life in their new homeland. Organized sequentially and by theme, Celebrating Israel gives viewers insight into the country’s formation.

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Curator: Yaara Litwin

Concept & Design: Neta Harel

Exhibit Agreement

Educational Program

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sign it and send it to:

Ronit Lusky
[email protected]



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All exhibit’s images are taken from the collection of

The Bernard H. and Miriam Oster Visual Documentation Center

The Museum of the Jewish People at Beit Hatfutsot, Tel Aviv

Full List of Exhibit Panels

27 Panels | Size: H. 40, W. 28 or H. 20, W. 28 inch | Panels should be printed and mounted on a light weight board

  • Through Locked Gates – Illegal Aliyah to Eretz Israel
  • A New Nation – The Jewish State is Born
  • Awaiting Aliyah – Survivors Turn Toward the Future
  • Almost Home – Grand Arénas Transit Camp
  • Arrival – Making Aliyah
  • Under One Flag – Two Stripes, One Star of David
  • Unsteady Homes on Solid Land – Beginning a New Life
  • Unsteady Homes on Solid Land – Life in the Ma’abarot
  • Unsteady Homes on Solid Land – Daily Life
  • Unsteady Homes on Solid Land – New Beginnings
  • In Service of a Nation – The Israel Defense Forces
  • In Service of a Nation – The People’s Army
  • Working the Land – Planting New Futures
  • Working the Land – Jaffa Oranges: Finest for Flavor
  • The Roots of the Startup Nation – Growing Industries
  • The Roots of the Startup Nation – Works in Progress
  • Let My People Go – Behind the Iron Curtain
  • Let My People Go – The Struggle for Freedom
  • Let My People Go – Prisoners of Zion
  • Story of a Journey – Yearning for Jerusalem
  • Story of a Journey – Operation Moses
  • Story of a Journey – Arrival of the Ethiopian Jews
  • Breaking Through the Iron Curtain – One Million Russian Jews on their way
  • Breaking Through the Iron Curtain – Learning a New Language
  • Breaking Through the Iron Curtain – En Route to Israel
  • Ethiopian Jews Reunite – Operation Solomon
  • Celebrating with Israel – Israel’s Independence Day