Jewish Food from Eastern Europe

An intimate, delicious evening on Jewish Ashkenazi food, Jewish family names, and Jewish rare films

Sunday, September 16 at 6:30pm

Tickets: 100 NIS


  • Jewish food and Family Names

Gefilte fish is probably the most famous plate of the Eastern European Jews. Other well-known Jewish specialties include Borsht, Shmalz, Herring, Baigel. However, very few are aware that the names of these familiar plates are also Jewish surnames, as well as Babke, Kishke, Tzimes and many others. Surnames derived from names of Jewish plates were rather common among the Jews of Eastern Europe, especially in Poland, Galicia and in the Russian Pale of Settlement. Surnames derived from names of spices, staples, plates or drinks enables an additional insight into the way of life of Ashkenazi Jews and their culinary traditions.

While focused on the Yiddish speaking Jews in the Pale of Settlement, the lecture by Haim Ghiuzeli refers also to later developments in the countries of Central Europe as well as in America. A rich selection of visuals from the collections of Beit Hatfutsot helps to uncover some surprising connections between Jewish food and family traditions and highlights a number of Jewish success stories.

  • Jewish Food – Glimpses from our Film Collection

Rivka Aderet is hosting a cinematic review on Jewish food in Eastern Europe and in America, as seen in amateur films, documentaries and rare movies about the Jewish life of communities in Eastern Europe in the early 20th century. One of them is a rare footage from Warsaw in 1939: “here in the market of Warsaw you can get a turkey or a living duck… a good house wife can recognize a worthy deal in a second… you can also find juicy oranges from Eretz Israel… hot Beigalach and Fletsalach, two for a penny.”

  • Menu:

Gefilte Fish with horseradish; Herring on cracker; Galareta on kichel; Kreplach with meat or potatoes; Cholent with meat and kishke; Vegetables filled with rice or quinoa; Potato kugel; Sponge cake; Water; Soda water; Lemonade; Kosher wine

Exhibits by Zeev Engelmayer at the "Let There Be Laughter" exhibition. Photo: Aviv Hofi

Exhibits by Zeev Engelmayer at the “Let There Be Laughter” exhibition. Photo: Aviv Hofi