Docaviv Film Club: Julian Schnabel – A Private Portrait

Thursday, February 20, 2020, at 7 pm

Ticket includes a free visit to all exhibitions starting at 6 pm

Italy 2017, 90 min, English. Hebrew subtitles

Any attempt to describe Julian Schnabel’s life and work is bound to be passionate. As a painter, he applies paint with his hands, throwing his body onto giant canvases scattered in a yard, a field, or flapping in the wind. As a director, his films are condensed, rapt with emotion. Besides Schnabel and his work, A Private Portrait features conversations with his family and friends, and since his entourage includes such faces as Al Pacino and Jeff Koons, as well as Schnabel’s equally creative children, it only serves to fuel the passion.
A superstar painter and later an award-winning filmmaker (The Diving Bell and The Butterfly, Before Night Falls), Schnabel has grown from an odd child into a groundbreaking artist, and, as it turns out, a particularly funny and offbeat interviewee.


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Free visit to all exhibitions starting at 6 pm