Be Happy (CLOSED)

Naiveté in Israeli Art

Opening: September 13, 2011

Exhibition Curator: Hagai Segev | Shira Friedman

Simple joy is the central motif of the upcoming exhibition, “Be happy: Naiveté in Israeli Art”. Innocence, naiveté, and simple joy in life, is the theme of all the paintings and pieces of art in the exhibition. This exhibition, curated by Hagai Segev and Shira Friedman, will open in Beit Hatfutsot on Sept 13, 2011.

The naive outlook presented by the eight artists of the exhibition is unfettered and simple. The artists evoke a basic essence in each piece, elicited from popular Jewish myths and legends. The art reflects a populistic style that has developed independently in disparate places but holds a common thread. These works represent the emergence of a unique art language based on local and biblical cultures that are outside the art mainstream and are thus far undefined in contemporary Israeli art. In this context, “naïve art” has multiple meanings, with a common element of expressing Jewish and Israeli motifs in a simple and uplifting way.

These works are unusual in that they present a message and atmosphere that is not multi-faceted or complex in its perspective. Rather, they seek simple identification with the basic elements of Jewish and Israeli mythology.

The nine participating artists are: Ben Bejerano, Shmuel Bonneh, Eliahou Eric Bokobza, Gavriel Cohen, Shalom Moscovitz from Safed, Moshe Shah Mizrahi, Eliahu Sidi, Michael Falk, Siona Tagger.

The exhibition is a rare opportunity to encounter naïve art. It will include family and group workshops as well as activities for educational programs.

The Lady Sarah Cohen Hall.

Until December 30, 2011