Jewish and Israeli Documentary Films 2021 (course in Hebrew)

In cooperation with The New Fund for Cinema and TV (NFCT)

Wednesdays afternoon, once in two weeks

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Courses producer: Rivka Aderet


Wednesday, December 23, 2020

A Lullaby for the Valley (courtesy HOT 8) – For 10 years, Ben Shani has documented the artist Eli Shamir. What started as an artistic documentary has transformed when Shamir was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. This is a film about coping with disease, with an artist at its center. After the film, Q&A with Ben Shani.

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Muranów (courtesy HOT 8) – Rubbles of vibrant Jewish life lie under the buildings of the Muranow quarter in Warsaw. During World War II they were the heart of the Warsaw ghetto. Though Muranow – so green and beautiful – lives in the present, sometimes it seems that underneath, the life once buried can still be felt. After the film, Q&A with Chen Shelach.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

  • Mir Lebngeblibene, Natan Gross, Poland, 1948. A rare documentation of holocaust survivors returned to their place and started to form a new life. After the film, Q&A with Hilli Gross, third generation recorder.
  • Moments in Isolation – Confined to their homes during lock down, nine filmmakers unfold their stories, reflecting various genres and states of mind. After the film, Q&A with Noit Geva and Roni Bahat from NFCT, and with filmmakers.

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

The Three Yossi – Israel 2020, 85 min, Hebrew, Hebrew & English subtitles

This sociological journey back in time began over twenty years ago when several families were evicted from their homes. They got together and squatted in an abandoned building in Jaffa for two years. The children of all ages who lived there grew up around violence, poverty, and drugs—but also solidarity. They saw the power of people fighting the establishment for their right to a home. They became documentary subjects for the first time in 1999, in Yael Kipper and Einat Fishbein’s film The Two Yossi (screened at the very first Docaviv Festival). Now, their journey continues: what has become of them? What chances does a poverty-stricken child have to make it in the world? After the film, Q&A with the makers, Yael Kipper and Ronen Zaretzky.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

  • Jewish identity in the films of Alan Berliner. Lecture by Shmulik duvdevani
  • Not a Hero – by Rubi Gat (courtesy of yes docu). Yam does not take no for an answer, especially if the reason is his wheel chair. When he is turned down by the army he goes to war. After the film, Q&A with Rubi Gat

Wednesday,  March 3, 2021

A Waste of Space – Israel 2020, 60 min, Hebrew, Hebrew & English subtitles. Osher, Michelle, and Eitan were taken out of their homes as children and transferred to foster families. Their biological families are dysfunctional and absent. The foster families are supportive and stable, but this guardianship ends at age 18. The film follows the three over the last year of foster care and the first year of independence. The threat of the loss of familial support affects all aspects of their lives. Past trauma and dislocation erupt from time to time affecting the relationship of the three friends. After the film, Q&A with the makers, Noam Demsky and Ido Bahat

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

  • Cinema Glimpses 1 – footage from the museum collection. With Rivka Aderet
  • Scattegories – Esther, Emmanuel and Michal were born in Israel to migrant parents from Nigeria. In a moment of despair, they were torn away from their Israeli existence to a Nigerian reality, unable to continue their studies, living for a time on the streets. When Esther celebrated her eighteenth birthday she managed to return to Israel on her own. Israel is not the same home she remembered, but despite everything she is determined to reunite her family in Israel. After the film, Q&A with Yakie Ayalon

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Ahuva Ozeri – Bells Ringing. After the film, Q&A with the filmmaker, Ofer Pinhasov

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

The War of Raya Sinitsina – A young filmmaker meets and follows Raya, a 94-year-old Soviet war heroine who fought in the Siege of Leningrad. As Head of the World War II Disabled Veterans Club in her city, she introduces him to a vanishing generation in Israel. Her own fighting spirit and willpower are still fierce. As Raya faces the loss of her last comrades and her health deteriorates, the two become involved in a spiritual process that awakens the young woman within her; Through her eyes and dreams, they create their own reality in which time and age lose all meaning. Their growing closeness transforms a film about war and loss into a mystical story of love and friendship. After the film, Q&A with the filmmaker, Efim Graboy

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Desert Tested (Susita) – For many years Susita car was considered a groundbreaking Israeli invention that had put Israel on the global map. The young State of Israel was convinced it had started a revolution. The car, with its fiberglass shell, brought glory to the State. Today, five decades later, it is time to reveal the unbelievable story: the story about one man that believed SUSITA would change the world. After the film, Q&A with the filmmaker, Avi Weissblei

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

  • Omer – An ironic, allegorical surreal film about the tradition of kibbutz folk dancing during harvest celebrations. After the film, Q&A with the filmmaker, Jonathan Paz
  • Converting culture on film to new media. With Meir Russo, director of the Israeli Films Archive, The Jerusalem Cinematheque

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

  • Yana – 22 years after given to adoption in Ukraine, Noa, who was brought up in Israel, goes on a journey in the footsteps of her adopting mother. After trying to meet with her biological mother she tries to tie the ends with both mothers. After the film, Q&A with the filmmaker, Noa Dolberg
  • Cinema Glimpses 2 – footage from the museum collection. With Rivka Aderet

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

  • In Your Way – film by Judith Kahana. Split life between Tel Aviv, where I work and learn, and the Shomron, my homeland. After the film, Q&A with Judith Kahana
  • New film by NFCT – TBA

Wednesday, June 23,2021

  • Guided tour at the New Museum of the Jewish People – TBA
  • How to create films for the New Museum of the Jewish People – with curator Avida Livny, media consultant


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