Betwixt the Fish Market and the Bet Midrash

Yiddish Culture and Folk Art – Course in Hebrew

In cooperation with Beit Shalom Aleichem

Fridays, once a month at 9am

Series producer: Rivka Aderet

Academic counselor: Dr. Aviva Tal


Friday, November 20

  • Down the streets: eastern European Jewry as reflected in folk art. Prof. Motti Zalkin
  • בלאנדזשענדע שטערן: actors of the Yiddish theater as Shalom Aleichem‘s protagonists. Prof. Avraham Novershtern

Friday, December 18

  • Everyday life in rare footage from the museum’s collections. Rivka Aderet
  • Shmuel Yosef Agnon‘s stories from Galicia, with Dr. Ruhama Albag

Friday, January 22

  • Tradition, custom and faith as expressed in the clothing of eastern European Jewish women. Dr. Esther Juhasz
  • Homage to the plays and poets of Abraham Goldfaden. Director and author: Dori Angel, actress and singer: Vira Lozinsky, pianist: Igor Ostrowski

Friday, February 19

  • Food representations in Yiddish literature. Prof. Nathan Cohen
  • די גאָלדענע פּאַווע – the traditional Yiddish folk song. Dr. Michael Lukin

Friday, March 19

  • Marc Schagall and the Yiddish folklore. Prof. Miriam Rajner
  • Amulets for the protection of the mother and new born. Prof. Shalom Sabar

Friday, April 23

  • Between the town and the town’s rabbis. Prof. Motti Zalkin
  • Illustration in the The Tseno Ureno and their origins. Ariella Amar

Friday, May 21

  • The folk Yiddish theater in Warsaw. Benny Mer
  • Demons and people in the work of Isaac Bashevis Singer. Dr. Bilha Rubinstein

Friday June 18

  • Itzik Manger and the “Alte Heim”. Dr. Aviva Tal
  • Kleizmer music in the eastern European town. An explained concert with members of the Israeli Kleizmer Orchestra, directed by Gershon Leizerson. Lecture and flute: Dr. Michael Lukin

Lectures are held in Hebrew, via “ZOOM”

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