Thousand Years of the History of Polish Jews

Opening: December 04, 2007

Exhibition Curator: Kinga Duda

Exhibition Designer: Agnieszka Rudzińska

The multimedia exhibition presents over 1000 years of Jewish history in Polish lands. The story is told through seven films that describe different historical eras and take viewers on a journey in time from the Middle Ages through the present. Visitors can take a guided tour through history via the respective Museum galleries, or journey into the realm of imagination via a band of animated characters.

The historical narrative and the rich iconography are enhanced by modern animations, for an intriguing and thought-provoking message.

History is often transmitted as a story of the past – but the most important aspect of this historical exhibition is the present. Thus, the central area of the exhibition is the Discussion Forum, a place for reflection on the relevance of history today, for each of us. The Discussion Forum is for meetings and dialogue, presented on digital monitor screens, and forms a vital part of the exhibition. The films correspond with the galleries of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews (in the making) and the creators of the respective galleries provide the narrative:

1. First Encounters and First Settlements, narrated by professor Hanna Zaremska, Institute of History, Polish Academy of Sciences

2. Paradisus Judaeorum, narrated by Adam Teller Ph.D., Haifa University

3. Into the Country, narrated by Adam Teller Ph.D., Haifa University

4. Encounters with Modernity, narrated by Marcin Wodziński Ph.D., University of Wrocław

5. The Street – Poland in the Interbellum Period, narrated by Jerzy Halbersztadt, Director of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews

6. Holocaust, narrated by Jacek Leociak Ph.D., Institute of Literary Research, Polish Academy of Sciences

7. Post War Years, narrated by Helena Datner, Jewish Historical Institute and professor Stanisław Krajewski, Warsaw University


Project Head: Agnieszka Rudzińska, Curator: Kinga Duda Substantive Supervision Renata Piątkowska, PhD, Media: Agata Rozbicka, Direction and filming: Kacper Lisowski, Editing: Piotr Szamburski, Drawings: Marta Ignerska, Animation: Piotr Karetko (Mama Studio), Natalia Rajszys , Music Hege Lønne, Rafał Krzemiński, Public program coordination: Nilli Amit Collaboration And Research Karolina Sakowicz, Agata Pietrasik, Iwona Wiśnios, Judyta Hajduk, Kalina Gawlas, Joanna Fikus, Klaudia Smurawa, Zuzanna Jakubowska, Maria Tuszko, Text Translation and Editing: Marek Jeżowski, Ken Rabin, Jan Weinsberg, Krzysztof Dawid Majus, Exhibition Design: Centrala – designers task force, Exhibition Graphics: Krzysztof Słomka (At Work), Media Design and Installation: Camille

The Museum of the History of Polish Jews

The Museum, an ultramodern multimedia cultural and educational centre, is currently under development in Warsaw, at the site of the Warsaw Ghetto, in the very heart of the pre-war Jewish quarter. It will stand opposite the Monument to the Warsaw Ghetto Heroes, the icon of Jewish Warsaw. Devoted entirely to the history of the Jewish people that flourished in the Polish lands for near 1000 years, it is slated to become one of the most important historical and educational institutions of its kind in Poland. The mission declares that the Museum’s mandate is to exhibit the history of the Jews on the historical territory of the old Republic of Poland, including Warsaw. The Museum will foster respect for Jewish tradition and culture and stimulate dialogue in the spirit of mutual acceptance and tolerance. It will be a vital point on the map of places preserving the memory of the Polish Jews as it communicates their history in a context much broader than the Holocaust drama alone. The Museum of the History of Polish Jews plans to open in the year 2011. www.jewishmuseum.org.pl