With this Ring

Wedding Ceremonies in Contemporary Art (closed)

Opening: February 25, 2010

Exhibition Curator: Raz Samira

(Closed July 30)

Through contemporary plastic art, the exhibition portrays the changes that have taken place in wedding ceremonies over the last decades. The Jewish wedding ceremony is our ID as well as a social declaration of who we are. The diversity of wedding ceremonies will, no doubt, leave its mark on the future Israeli society.


Artist: Shai Azulay


Artist: Ofra Zimbalista

Curator’s note:

The Jewish wedding ceremony is an ancient custom which prevailed through the time and the dispersion of the Jewish communities. Proclaiming the wedding vows, a couple publicly and privately declares its intention to live together, establish a home and bring children into the world. Nevertheless, this declaration of interpersonal commitment also affirms the relationship which exists between the individual and the society in which one lives.

The ritual dimension of the marriage ceremony represents the acceptance of societal norms and ensures that succeeding generations will adhere to its dictates. In this way, each wedding ceremony embodies a political statement – whether it adheres to custom and tradition or affirms one’s commitment through alternative rites.

The exhibition attempts to mirror these complex associations. Nevertheless, in spite of all of the changes and modern influences, there is a continuous element in the Jewish wedding ceremony, an element which is both common and deeply rooted. It reflects elements of tradition alongside expressions of personal and individual world views. These variations are the result of a transition from a family/tribal orientation to an individualistic approach which may lend a personal touch to the wedding ceremony nowadays.

Accordingly, the subject of Jewish weddings raises interesting questions about ritual, society, the preservation of an existing order or variations to that order. Some of the works displayed, project a note of defiance or irony, while others express a sense of joy, humor or longing. In their works, the artists succeed in examining the meaning of the subject and its effect on society, and on themselves.

Mazal Tov!

Raz Samira, Curator

Artists: David Adika, Nelly Agassi, Shai Azulai, Meirav Heiman, Hila Karbelnikov Reut Ferster, Eli Petel, Daphna Shapira-Hasson and others.

The Lady Sarah Cohen Exhibition Center.

On display until July 30, 2010.

Become part of the story – Beit Hatfutsot invites you to become part of the exhibition!

Send us videos and clips from your wedding ceremony and we will integrate them into the exhibition.

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