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Chaja Gravina – A Surprising Discovery in the “My Family Story” Project

When Franco Anza, a pupil attending the “Tarbut” school in Mexico, began preparation of his roots project this year, in the framework of “My Family Story” at Beit Hatfutsot, he already had a family tree. His sister, Valentina, had prepared it two years ago using My Heritage software, which Beit Hatfutsot recommends to participants of “My Family Story.”

Franco wanted to update the tree and expand upon it, as well as to rewrite and design the work as his own.

In the course of his research, an Argentinian boy, who he never before met, told him of his Great Grandmother, Chaja Gravina , who he said was also Franco’s Great Grandmother.

The story did not end there. Franco’s family knew of Chaja Gravina and always recounted that she died in the Holocaust. However, thanks to the family link in Argentina it became apparent that she survived, immigrated to Argentina and established a new family!

Chaja never knew that her mother survived and that subsequently after WWII immigrated to Israel. In fact, she never knew that any of her family had survived.

How sad that these two women, who lived a long and full life, never knew one of the fate of the other!

If it wasn’t for the “My Family Story” project and the My Heritage software, the Anza family would never have discovered this new and exciting information.

The two families today maintain warm and friendly relations.



Nir Goldberg