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New Exhibition: Dreyfus – The Story of a French Jewish Family

איחוד משפחתי בקרפנטרס - Copy

While the anti-Semitism in France is escalating, and the Jewish community in France is seeing an unprecedented exodus, Beit Hatfutsot – the Museum of the Jewish people opens the exhibition “Dreyfus – The Story of a French Jewish Family”.

The renewed focus on the story of Alfred Dreyfus, revealing the lesser-known family aspect of this historic affair, comes at a time of increasing concern about the fate of the Jews in France and their failing integration into French society. Now, over a century later, we again raise essential questions about Jewish identity and our basic right to remain who we are.

The initiator of the exhibition Ms. Yael Perl Ruiz, great grand-daughter of Alfred Dreyfus, exhibition’s curator Ms. Simona Di Nepi,and the entire staff of the Museum cordially invite you to visit this important exhibition.

Nir Goldberg