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Drum ’n’ Dress Museum Night

A stunning avant-garde night of music and fashion, Drum ‘n Dress, is yet another example of highly successful event planned by and geared for the international young adults visitors to the Museum.

Vlada Poltoratska from the Ukraine and Iva Balavajderova from the Czech Republic, both ISJPS (International School for Jewish Peoplehood Studies) interns, had every reason to smile after months of intensive work orchestrating this event.

With tickets sold out and young professionals and students from across the globe filling the space, the Museum was transformed into a hub of vibrant styles and tunes. Making their way through the Amy Winehouse, and Dream Weavers  exhibitions, the guests could be heard chatting away in German, French, Russian, Spanish and of course Hebrew and English, as they explored music and fashion interwoven within the journey of the Jewish people.

I encourage the ISJPS staff and future international interns not to be afraid to initiate something that might seem crazy at the beginning, because the outcome will be great! It needs time, patience and strong nerves, but it’s certainly worth it!” according to Iva, one of the evening’s producers.

The pop-up fashion exhibit of up-and-coming Israeli designers filled Beit Hatfutsot with unique, sui generis items from new labels like Koifman, Danielle Keller, and Yasmin Vinograd. “There is a feeling that “the sky is the limit,” said Danielle Keller, considering the innovative local and global influences on Jewish fashion. In the background, DJ Ran Salman’s continuous edgy vibes filled the air while young guests swayed to his alternative sound.

The guests also attended a dynamic panel discussion of designers and musicians, who expressed their personal connection to Jewish and Israeli music and culture.

Drum ’n’ Dress reached a spirited finale with a one of a kind performance by The Orions, a surf-rock band.  Most of the musicians played up their fun and bouncy instrumental rock, with a sound dominated by strong electric guitar playing and with crazy colorful costumes and sunglasses to complete the set. “The music really made me want to dance with my whole body,” declared Carly Davis, a student at Tel Aviv University.

Beit Hatfutsot is a very special place with a dynamic spirit. It is a mix of many wonderful aspects about the Jewish people from all over the world. It feels like “home” and you really connect with its mission; you feel a part of “the Story.”  This was the feeling I wanted to share with others who made their journey to discover “Jewish life” here in Israel. Drum ’n’ Dress was our small attempt to illustrate, to the young international crowd,  Israeli-Jewish  contemporary society filled with its joy, culture, creativity and especially its people, whose artistic ambitions and world outlook have no boundaries,” said Vlada, co-producer, reflecting on her experience.



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