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Story of a Journey

Story of a Journey   סיפור על הדרך

The vision of David and Hadas Avate, “Sippur Al Haderech”, literally meaning a story about the journey, is a grassroots initiative that connects Israelis of various backgrounds with the story of the Ethiopian Jewish community. The Avates, together with leading community groups and institutions, organize evenings for individuals and small groups wherein Ethiopian volunteers share their personal stories with audiences across the country. Beit Hatfutsot recently hosted two powerful encounters as part of this initiative — one in Hebrew and one in English — and is proud to support this important endeavor.

Over eighty participants attended the two Beit Hatfutsot events, first visiting the Museum exhibition “Operation Moses: 30 Years After,” then meeting Oshra Friedman and Moshe Yeshayahus, two young adults who journeyed to Israel through Sudan as infants. The speakers shared their firsthand accounts of their physical and emotional journeys to Israel, as well as their experiences upon arrival. “In Sudan… my sister lost her two kids; I almost lost my parents. But we survived. Because we knew that, next year, we would be in Jerusalem.” said Friedman. Both Oshra and Moshe discussed their perpetual quest to become “Israeli,” including the many challenges of absorption and what, for them, comprises a sense of belonging. This moving discussion, which left the audience wanting to learn more, was followed by a question and answer period. The audience was able to ask questions and share their impressions of both the Museum exhibition and the powerful personal stories they had heard.

Beit Hatfutsot is committed to serving as a global center for Jewish communities. As such, it has displayed a variety of exhibitions over the years featuring Jewish communities from across the globe including Iran, Bukhara, the former USSR and Portugal, to name a few.


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