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Style and Heritage Celebrated by Beit Hatfutsot at Legendary Maskit Fashion House

A morning of fashion and heritage was recently organized by “The Israel Friends of Beit Hatfutsot”. This creative event, geared at leading businesswomen in Israel, was a celebration of Israeli fashion, culture and art. It was held at the new location of Israeli fashion house Maskit, originally established in 1954 by Ruth Dayan. Currently on display at Beit Hatfutsot, the exhibition “The Dream Weavers – From the Jewish Tailor to Top Fashion Designers” reviews and examines the contribution of Jewish fashion designers to this innovative global industry.

This fundraising event included a tour of Maskit and an inspirational discussion with current head designer Sharon Tal, a Shenkar College graduate who in 2013 re-established the company after it closed in 1994. Tal interned at world renowned European fashion houses such as Lanvin and Alexander McQueen. She introduced the new collection and later together with Ronen Levin, senior lecturer at Shenkar, discussed Israeli fashion and legacy.

The highlight of the event was Ruth Dayan, 98, who honored the guests with her presence and spoke of the establishment of Maskit, which was born out of an ideology to create work opportunities for new immigrants in the field of crafts. Dayan reminisced over Maskit’s vast international success, its contribution to Israeli society and her appreciation at seeing Maskit reintroduced and reinstated by Sharon Tal.

Cooperation with Maskit is both natural and significant”, said Irit Admoni Perlman, Director of The Israel Friends of Beit Hatfutsot, “just as Maskit was known for its original creative fashion that’s reflective of Israel, its people and scenery, so Beit Hatfutsot -The Museum of the Jewish People, tells the story of Jewish creativeness and the contribution of the Jewish people to world culture”.

Some of the distinguished participants: Irit Admoni Perlman, Director of The Israel Friends of Beit Hatfutsot, Sharon Tal, head designer Maskit, Hedva Sharon, Ronit Hershkovitz, Mati Carasso, Gilat Ankori, Miri Azouri, Vivian Rachiv, Orit Benvenisti, Miriam Soglowek, Anat Frenkel, Tal Birenfeld, Orit Sinibar.

(Photos: Aviv Hofi)

Ronen Levin, Ruth Dayan, Sharon Tal

Ronen Levin, Ruth Dayan, Sharon Tal

Gilat Ankori, Irit Admoni Perlman

Gilat Ankori, Irit Admoni Perlman


Anat Frenkel, Tal Birenfeld, Ronit Hershkovitz

Mati Carasso Orit Benvenisti 

Mati Carasso, Orit Benvenisti





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